5 Simple Ways to Stitch Crochet Letters on Blankets


One surefire way to make a handmade crochet blanket even more special is to personalize it by adding words, like a name or a special phrase.

Photos via Moogly and Repeat Crafter Me

Today, we'll look at five different ways to add crochet letters to blankets (though these approaches could work for garments and other projects, too). The first two methods can be done after the fact — barely any planning needed! The last three need to be incorporated into the actual pattern, so will require a bit more thinking.

1. Appliqué letters

Photo via Bluprint member ShiFio

The easiest way to add words (like names or phrases) to crochet blankets is to add appliqué letters. Bluprint member ShiFio has excellent patterns that cover all the letters of the alphabet and numbers, so you'll be able to stitch any message you like. Simply sew the finished letters onto your finished blanket.

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2. Chains or slip stitches

Photo via Repeat Crafter Me

For a last-minute fix, consider using surface slip stitches or lengths of chain to add words to your crochet blanket. Using surface slip stitches is a bit more fiddly, because the placement of your hook is integral to the shape of your letters. If you are a beginner, consider using lengths of chain and sewing them onto your work instead. 

This  Animal Alphabet Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me is a brilliant example of using lengths of chain to create appliqué letters.

3. Tapestry crochet

Photo via Bluprint member  Rebeckah's Treasures

This method is best suited to dense blankets. It will require the words to be added as you go (either in blocks that get joined together or as part of the actual design).

Bluprint member Rebeckah’s Treasures has a brilliant pattern for Tapestry Crochet ABC Blocks. The squares that form these blocks can be incorporated into an afghan to give you a neat tapestry crochet word or phrase. As an added bonus, you can make some of the fun ABC blocks, too!

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4. Bobbles

Photo via Bluprint member Marilyn Sehn

Another way to add words to crochet blankets is to create them using bobble stitches.

In most bobble letter patterns, each letter is housed within an individual square, making it easy for you to choose only the letters you want to use and crochet them together to form a word, name or phrase. Plus, the texture of these letters gives your finished product more dimension

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5. Filet crochet

If you are making a more lacy blanket, like the Call the Midwife blanket  by Little Monkeys Crochet, you will want letters that are lacy, not textured. In this case you will want to use filet crochet to create your words and phrases. Bluprint member Nostalgic Novelties has a brilliant (and FREE) filet crochet block alphabet chart that you can use to incorporate your words into your design.

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5 Simple Ways to Stitch Crochet Letters on Blankets