10 Crochet Snowflake Patterns to Help You Fully Embrace Winter

Snowflakes are a classic part of any winter decor — and they're even better when you've made 'em yourself. Each of these cuties is quick to stitch, uses scrap yarn and, because they're not holiday-specific, can be left up through February. Hang 'em on your tree, display on your fireplace mantel or use as fun gift wrap embellishments !

1. Fast Flurries

Fast, easy, cute — this pattern's got it all. If you can work in the round and know the most basic crochet stitches , you can whip up a blizzard of these little snowflakes in a flash.

If you're looking at your holiday project list and starting to panic, we've got you! These crochet snowflakes are fast, easy, cute and totally giftable. Stitch up a flurry and show that list who's in charge.

2. 12 Days of Snowflakes

This pattern includes a dozen fun variations you can mix and match. Pro tip: the delicate snowflakes are made with crochet thread, so you may want to add fabric stiffener as the final step.

3. Bring on the Blizzard

This is a great choice if you want a crochet snowflake that isn't quite as delicate and holds its shape well. The pattern comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a video tutorial, so beginners will find it easy to navigate.

4. Winter Wonderland

Here's another lovely pattern that holds its shape all on its own. Because they're so small and stable, they work great as gift toppers or appliqués, and they could even be used as embellishments on greeting cards or holiday party invitations.

5. Let It Snow

These snowflakes look great grouped together in a collection, so why not stitch all four and cluster 'em together on a wall? If you prefer to stitch 'em solo, they also work well as coasters, ornaments or anything else that needs some wintry goodness.

6. Delicate Delight

Choose from two versions of this dainty pattern and either work it in crochet thread or, if you'd like a larger snowflake, substitute any yarn weight. (Just be aware the size of the snowflake will change.) It'll look so cute hanging on your tree !

7. Make It Traditional

This classic snowflake pattern is perfect for any crocheter, regardless of skill level. Work it up in classic white, or make it modern with more contemporary colors.

8. Let's Get Lit

Crochet all the cozy vibes with a snowflake pattern that's designed to hold a tealight. Stitch up a bunch for your mantel or coffee table and your space will be festively lit.

Photo via Bluprint member Zicca Handmade Crochet

9. Feelin' Flakey

This pattern includes both an easy-to-follow photo tutorial and diagrams for those who like using charts . Get creative with your colors and make these flakes in an afternoon!

Photo via Bluprint member  HookedbyCrochetArt

10. Wintry Windows

With its lack of open stitches in the center, this snowflake is designed as a coaster. But it can also work double-duty as pretty decorations, so don't be afraid to display in your window or on a blank wall!

Photo via Bluprint member  Fashion Crochet Design

November 26, 2019
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10 Crochet Snowflake Patterns to Help You Fully Embrace Winter