7 Practical Crossbody Bag Patterns to Sew


What's in your bag? Probably a whole lot of stuff! I love sewing my own bags, because I know I can add all the features I need. To help you finding the best crossbody bag patterns, I've sifted through our pattern marketplace and picked a few of my favorites.

7 crossbody bag patterns to sew

Photo via Bluprint instructor  Lisa Lam

1. The Poketto Pouch

A useful crossbody bag should be big enough to contain your phone, wallet and those other things you can't live without — and it should keep them safe with a zipper closure. This patterns all that, plus a nice peekaboo design on the outside to showcase your best fabrics. The top-notch detail? Leather handles!

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Photo via Bluprint member  Sewn Ideas

2. Walking Dog Bag

This slim beauty is perfect for going on a stroll with your dog and bringing just the essentials: your phone, keys, a few dog treats and plastic bag or two. Keep your hands free to hold the leash and pet your pup. My favorite detail: One of the pockets has basically no closures, so you can easily (and promptly) access to dog treats!

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Photo via Bluprint member  Spencer Ogg

3. The Anti-Theft Wallet 

If you're in a big city, you might need this medium-sized bag. The slim bag has a hidden detail: a detachable anti-theft coin purse! It keeps your money safe from sticky fingers, but it's still easy for you to find inside the bag when you need it. I suggest sewing it by refashioning a pre-loved woolen coat or jeans.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Serger Pepper Designs

4. Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag

I designed this bag for a mom of a little girl who couldn't stand still more than one minute — mom needed to have her hands at the ready, plus all her daily essentials within reach. There's a place for everything, since it's totally customized. It can even be put in the washing machine, since there' no interfacing. It's been heavily used for years!

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Photo via Bluprint member Microbio

5. Frida Jelly Frame

Let's get fancy! This handbag is designed to fit a small to middle size jelly frame purse and can double as a crossbody bag with a detachable cord option. You can choose any kind of fabric to dress it up or down, depending on your personal taste.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Cloudspitter Bags and Designs

6. Zip-To-It: Zippered Crossbody

This slightly more advanced pattern creates an eye-catching design — just look at those curved zippers on top! This bag includes two zippered pouches that join to form a third middle section, closed by magnetic snaps. It's the perfect travel bag and will wonderfully showcase up to three coordinated fabrics.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Hold it Right There

7. Corcoran Cross Body Bag

In search of an everyday crossbody bag pattern? Look no further! Seven pockets are included with this one. Some are closed with a zipper, others are slightly padded to pamper your electronic devices. 

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