He Thinks You Can Dance: A Talk with Stephen "tWitch" Boss

Stephen "tWitch" Boss

It's a good thing Stephen "tWitch" Boss has limitless energy. The dancer, choreographer and entertainer is everywhere, sharing his contagious passion for all things movement and music. We got him to pause long enough to answer a few questions about dance, healing, and living the dream.

Q. Were you that kid who could never sit still?

The urge to dance has always been there. I'll say that. The ability, not so much. You know how people say they have two left feet? I had to develop that right foot. I tried out for my elementary school talent shows every year and never made it, but I went to tryouts and danced my heart out. So the urge to dance has literally never stopped. The skill came much, much later.

Q. Do you believe there are people who just really can't dance?

I think people get caught up in the idea that they can't dance. At some point in time in your life you've danced naturally. You can be in your car and enjoying singing along to a song that you love, and you won't even notice that your body is rocking along as you're singing. That's the answer. It's dancing in its most basic form.

Q. You're involved in some of Bluprint's online dance classes. What's it like to learn dance online?

I think it's is one of the best ways for somebody to learn to dance because you can learn at your own pace. You can learn how you feel comfortable. If you want to be in the room by yourself and experience no judgment, and you want to rewind the first two minutes however many times you want to, you can feel free to do that. There's nothing on the computer that's taking a tally of how long it's taking you to learn anything. For me, I think it's awesome.

I think I have such heart in it too because that's the way that I kind of learned how to do choreography in the first place, was from music videos. It was me locking myself in my room for a weekend and learning [Michael Jackson's] Thriller for the first time. I can't tell you how many times I rewound that VHS tape, but by the end of the weekend, I had my version of Thriller.

Q. If you're new to dance, is there a best style to start with?

That's an interesting question. Of course, I'm biased to hip-hop, because it's one of my favorite styles. Also because hip-hop was based on social dancing, which I think we have all done at some point in time. Then also things like Latin dancing; just a lot of fun. But whatever the dance style is, I think it's easier when you forget that you're trying to learn how to dance. It's just a matter of putting steps together in order.

Q. Obviously dance is great exercise. But it does more than that, right?

Absolutely. It is a healing force, whether you are physically participating in it or watching it. I've watched dancers that have literally touched my soul; I've done dances that have touched my soul too. Also, occupational therapists use dance classes to re-teach the body how to do things. In every aspect, it's a healing power for sure.

Q. What's your dream project?

Honestly, the fact that I'm doing it at all is the dream. Everything I get to touch is the dream, you know? My dream now, though, is to do a film with a dance plot line that has not been told yet. In the dance world, we have so many experiences and different kind of stories that have not been told yet.

tWitch's responses have been condensed and edited for length.

July 13, 2018
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He Thinks You Can Dance: A Talk with Stephen "tWitch" Boss