12 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Decorations Your Whole Family Will Love

Christmas is the perfect time to show off your making skills, no matter what your craft. And while we love showing off scrappy, made-by-hand ornaments , the rest of the tree is also prime for DIY. Here are just a few creative ideas that'll have each branch looking extra jolly.

1. No-Knit Garland (and Ornaments!)

Yarn-thusiasts, it's time to deck the tree in your favorite fiber . Twist chunky yarn together to make garland, then grab thin yarn, glue and a balloon to create matching sphere ornaments.

If you're one of those knitters who can't bear to part with yarn leftovers, there's good news: this fiber-friendly tree decor will give those scraps a purpose! You just need to master the technique for one garland and one ornament — both of which are super easy — and you'll have an adorable yarn-laden holiday statement piece.

2. Fair Isle Knit Ornaments

On top of being beautiful, this project is a great intro to fair isle knitting . Intermediate knitters will be able to knock these out fast — just follow our patterns for step-by-step guidance.

Meet Tanis and start by choosing your fiber colors, then gather your needles and get familiar with the pattern.

3. A Starry Tree Skirt

Real talk: making your own tree skirt is often easier than searching crowded stores in the height of holiday season. This tri-colored crochet version will look gorgeous spread under your tree, though you'll need to start stitching well before the decorations come out!

4. Upcycled T-Shirt Garland

If your closet is filled with shirts of Christmases past, find a festive way to flaunt them by turning each one into decor. Green, white and red shirts are particularly great, as they can be cut into strips and then tied or twisted together to create a scrappy tree garland.

Pop quiz: old T-shirts are perfect for...

5. DIY Mistletoe

Though it's technically a photo backdrop, you can follow these same instructions to make a simple mistletoe garland for your tree. You only need a handful of supplies, and the rules are so loosey-goosey that it's totally stress-free.

Stage the perfect selfie background for your next holiday party! Photographer Brooke Lark shows you how to create a DIY mistletoe photo backdrop using simple, inexpensive materials such as felt balls, thread and card stock.

6. Stitched Snow

These crochet snowflakes are so cute and unbelievably versatile; you can use any hook and yarn combo you prefer! Once you're done, attach some thin yarn or embroidery floss to hang and bask in the glow of the DIY holiday spirit.

If you're looking at your holiday project list and starting to panic, we've got you! These crochet snowflakes are fast, easy, cute and totally giftable. Stitch up a flurry and show that list who's in charge.

7. Wrapping Paper Garland

Got wrapping paper scraps? Don't toss 'em! Those little pieces can be sewn together to make the most festive garland (not to mention it'll totally complement the gifts under your tree).

Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a totally original Christmas tree! It all starts with a simple paper garland and paper airplanes made from leftover wrapping paper. Fold up your airplanes, then fly them straight into the tree for the most fun you've had decorating a tree, like, ever.

8. The Cutest Felt Owls

Okay, whooo wouldn't love these owls? They come together quickly with a few colors of felt and stuffing, and with our downloadable template, you don't have to draw the pieces yourself. Easy peasy!

It's official: we have never seen anything cuter than these DIY felt owls. They're the perfect holiday project for gift giving, stocking stuffing or hanging on your tree. Go on and make a whole flock!

9. Upcycled Toothpaste Ornaments

While it may seem strange to make Christmas ornaments from old toothpaste boxes, hear us out: after some cutting, painting and a whole lot of Mod Podge and glitter, you'd never guess these decorations started out in your medicine cabinet. They even light up!

Talk about a breath of inspiration: these super-fun ornaments came from humble beginnings. That's right — they started as leftover toothpaste packaging! Here's how to to turn that ho-hum household good into sparkly decor that's worthy of a standout spot on your tree.

10. A Pom-Pom Tree Skirt

Add some fringe to your holiday decor with a little pom-pom trim on that DIY tree skirt. Sewing it from scratch is totally beginner-friendly, and — best part — you can do it in an afternoon.

We love a good pom-pom fringe, especially when it's peeking out from under your holiday gifts. We've got all the info you need to craft up this easy tree skirt right here!

11. Quick-Stitch Crochet Ornaments

The secret to crocheting balls of any size: the half-double crochet stitch. Use it with our easy-to-follow formula and soon enough you'll have plenty to deck out the entire tree.

Whether you use them as tiny Christmas ornaments, giant poufs or anything in between, crocheting balls is fun. And the best part is, once you've crocheted one size, you can figure out how to crochet any size with a little help from a simple formula.

12. Embroidery Ornaments

Add some extra sparkle and texture to your tree with pretty embroidered hoops! These are so beginner-friendly, you can make 'em even if you've never embroidered before. Plus, you'll get the know-how for embroidering 3D elements (like sequins).

If you've been loving all thing's embroidery this year, now's the time to show off those stitches for the holidays! These ornaments from Jessica Long of Namaste Embroidery (and our Modern Hand Embroidery class) use beginner-friendly stitches to create adorable sparkly samplers that will look great on your Christmas tree.

September 17, 2019
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12 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Decorations Your Whole Family Will Love