Give Any Photo a Totally New Look & Feel


Do you ever feel like you can't possibly hang another frame in your house? The next time you want to display a special photo, think outside the box and inside the hoop! Transfer the image to fabric, hoop it up and add three-dimensional details with a little embroidery floss.

How to Make an Embroidered Photo

If you've never made a single embroidery stitch, never fear! This complete beginner's guide to embroidery will help you gather your materials and get stitching.

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We’re sending a big thank you to embellished jeans and cheeky throw pillows for making embroidery the newest crafty comeback! Want in? These ten stitches will get you started. Plus, they're a great foundation for when you're ready to take your hoop to the next level.
by Kristen Valencia
Everything you need to start embroidering with confidence.
with Kat McTee
Build your embroidery skills with a modern floral and animal pattern.
with Jessica Long
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Give Any Photo a Totally New Look & Feel