How to Sew a Face Mask at Home


With all the uncertainty swirling around the country about COVID-19 , there's a lot of pent-up desire to do something, anything to help. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say staying home, washing your hands and practicing social distancing are some of the best things to do at this time, as makers we also have a unique ability to, well, make. And with the current shortage of face masks , many sewers want to take action.

While there are an array of tutorials for making face masks, let's be clear: these are not medical-grade face masks and are not in any way a substitute for N95 masks. They could, however, potentially discourage touching your face and signal that you're trying to protect yourself and others.

So if you want to bust open your sewing stash — or buy a few fat quarters of your favorite fabric — here are some tutorials that can help walk you through the process.

Mimi G Style

Bluprint instructor Mimi G walks you through how to make a face mask using both a lining and fashion fabric with tightly woven cotton. This version has elastic that wraps all the way around your head for comfort during long-term wear.

Erica Arndt

Learn how to make a pleated-style face mask with elastic that wraps around your ears. The pleats allow the mask to get bigger and smaller as needed, offering up more fit options for a variety of face shapes and sizes.

Easy to Sew

Another pleated-style face mask, this version includes a filter pocket, so hospital care workers can place additional barriers inside if needed.

Unity Point Health

This tutorial walks you through an Olson-style mask, including features like a filter pocket and nose bridge seal to help close the gap between your fabric and skin.

The views expressed in the videos we linked to are those of the video maker and video owner. There is no guarantee that the face masks and materials featured in the videos will protect a user from COVID-19 or other hazards. Anyone who uses a face mask or materials featured in the videos does so at their own risk.

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How to Sew a Face Mask at Home