DIY Gold Foil Prints Are Too Beautiful To Be This Easy


Gold foil gives me all the feels. To share the love, I'd like to teach you how to use the foil to make cards printed with big gold hearts (or whatever design you like).

You don't need any fancy equipment to play with this technique. If you don't have a laminator, just use an iron!

What You Need

  • Laminator or iron
  • Text-weight paper
  • Paper or card stock laser-printed with the design you want to turn gold (I used a heart)
  • Laminating foil

1. Prep Your Transfer

Set down your laser-printed paper with the design facing up. Cut a piece of laminating foil that's big enough cover the entire printed area.

2. Layer On the Gold

Place gold foil on top of the printed area with the gold side up.

3. Prep to Laminate

Keep the foil in position and place it inside a sheet of text-weight paper that's been folded in half. Don't use card stock: It's too thick.

4. Bring the Heat

Send the paper through the laminator, folded end first. 

If using an iron, place the folded paper with the gold foil inside on a firm surface covered with a thin cloth. Press the iron firmly over the printed area for about 30 seconds. (Pro tip: try a practice scrap first to figure out the exact timing.)

5. Peel and Reveal

Now's the fun part! Peel off the gold foil to reveal your design.

That's it! Easy, right?

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DIY Gold Foil Prints Are Too Beautiful To Be This Easy