It’s Your Lucky Day: DIY the Easiest Rainbow + Cloud Pie Pops!


Rainbow pie pop perfection doesn’t require wizard-like pastry skills, fancy tools or even a ton of time in the kitchen. (And what it does require is probably already in your pantry!)

DIY Rainbow + Cloud Pie Pops

Level: Easy

What you need:

Pro Tip

If rainbows aren’t on your horizon, the same steps below apply to any shape pie pop that you’d like to make. Filling options are also super flexible to meet any taste.


1. Prepare the Dough

Place a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 350 F. If you’re using store-bought dough, allow the dough to soften at room temperature for about 10 minutes before unrolling it. If you're using homemade dough, roll each disk to 1/8″ thick.

Pro Tip

There’s absolutely no shame in your pie pop game if you go with store-bought dough. Using pre-made dough not only saves on time and mess, but it's actually pretty good! (If you're still itching to make your own dough, though, try this recipe .)

2. Cut into Shapes

Cut rounds out of the dough for the rainbow pops. Each round will make a single rainbow pie pop.

Cut two cloud shapes for every cloud pie pop you’d like to make.

Move the rounds and half of the clouds to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

3. Make the Filling

Since pie pops are teeny tiny, they bake up quickly! Go for ready-made fillings that just need a little warm-up or pre-cook fillings on the stovetop before adding to your pops. Some options we love:


  • Nut butter + jam
  • S’mores: chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbles and mini marshmallows
  • Citrus curd
  • Nutella
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Jam or jelly
  • Your favorite fruit pie filling, like apple, cherry or blueberry


  • Pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and your favorite pizza topping
  • Taco meat, salsa and shredded cheddar
  • Thinly sliced beef, provolone cheese, peppers and onions
  • Chopped cooked veggies and goat cheese
  • Mini meatballs and shredded mozzarella

4. Fill Your Dough

Add a teaspoon of filling to each piece of dough on the cookie sheet. Put the filling just above the center point of the rounds (since these will be folded in half) and in the middle of the clouds.

It's tempting, but don't add too much filling! Keep in mind these are bites of pie, not big, juicy slices. If you overfill your pops, the shapes can warp and the sides split during baking.

Dab a small amount of water along the edges of each round or cloud of dough using your fingertips or a small, clean paintbrush. Fold the rounds in half over the filling, then apply a little pressure to the center of the dough to push out any air and press the edges together. Top the filled clouds with the remaining cut cloud shapes in the same way.

Carefully push a lollipop stick up through the flat edge of each half-round and cloud.

5. Paint the Pops

Squirt small puddles of each gel color into a palette (small bowls or a plate will work here too). Fill a glass with water and keep it nearby to clean your brush.

Let the kiddos paint the rainbow in ROYGBIV order — or in whatever order they want! Make sure to clean and wipe the brush before switching colors.

Paint the clouds with the white gel coloring, then sprinkle each cloud with white sparkling sugar while the food coloring is still wet.

6. Bake

For our pie pops, exactly 9 minutes in the oven was the perfect amount of time to cook the crust and set the color without dulling it. Timing will vary with the size of your pop and wetness of your fillings, so peek at 'em frequently.

Allow the pops to cool on the pan for about 10 minutes before moving them to a cooling rack or clean countertop. Wait until the pops are completely cool before arranging them in a stand or container.

Store leftover pops in an airtight container, at room temperature or in the fridge depending on your filling. They should keep for up to 3 days, but the pie dough will likely soften after the first day.

7. Serve Proudly!

To stand pops up in a large container, first fill the bottom with florist’s foam. Camouflage the foam with any fun filler you’d like — candy melts, jelly beans, sprinkles, Legos, marbles, etc. Push the pops into the foam (just make sure to hold them by the stick to prevent crushing the mini pies!). Smaller containers, like the mason jars I used, don’t need any foam in the bottom. I filled these jars with white chocolate disks.

July 27, 2018
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It’s Your Lucky Day: DIY the Easiest Rainbow + Cloud Pie Pops!