8 Colorful Crochet Patterns Inspired By Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is fun, but those pretty things don't last forever. Which is why you should crochet egg-inspired patterns instead! Not only will these last way longer, but you can stitch them as toys for your kids or decorations to go with your Easter amigurumi . These patterns are all easy to whip up too, so choose your fave and get going.

1. Easter Egg Cocoon

Your child's baby dolls will look oh-so-ready for spring with this cocoon and cap set. The crochet chevrons are totally customizable, so you can make them in any color — or design a new pattern all your own.

2. Easter Egg Coasters

Picture this: watching your kiddos hunt for eggs while sipping coffee on a coaster that screams spring. Heads up: crocheting flat circles is the key to making this set.

3. Hatching Chick

Hatch an Easter chick from a decorated egg! This project only uses basic crochet stitches, so you can work it up even if you've never tackled amigurumi before.

4. Pineapple Lace Covers

Easter egg crochet patterns don't always involve eggs stuffed with fiber-fill. These wooden eggs are covered in a beautiful pineapple lace pattern crocheted with thread for a decoration that can be used year-round.

Photo via Bluprint member Maralihan

5. Eggs and Chicks

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Answer: whichever you feel like stitching ASAP! These eggs are fastened with colorful zippers , so you can tuck the chicks inside, and the pattern comes with a how-to for embroidery stitches so you can make the eggs more decorative.

Photo via Bluprint member bySol

6. Dino Egg

Let the dino-lover in your life in on the holiday festivities with this awesome egg cozy. Rawr!

Photo via Bluprint member oleksiakj3312856

7. Striped Eggs

This super-detailed pattern comes with instructions for the eggs and the basket that holds 'em. Not to mention the stripes make these eggs perfect for using up yarn scraps.

Photo via Bluprint member Zoom Yummy

8. Easter Playset

Even small, solid-colored Easter eggs can brighten a room. Pair them with a crochet bunny, chicken and basket for a play set that kids will love long after Easter is over.

Photo via Bluprint member harvestinghart

January 31, 2020
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8 Colorful Crochet Patterns Inspired By Easter Eggs