Display Dyed Easter Eggs in These Pretty Paper Holders

Now that you've dyed your Easter eggs, keep the fun going by giving those cuties something to nestle in. These paper egg holders are fun, versatile and insanely simple — so it's a must-make for kids of all ages.

Paper Egg Holders

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Colorful cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various hole punches and decorative elements
  • Thick pens
  • Paper trimmer
  • Ruler
  • Hard-boiled eggs

Pro Tip

The paper colors you want depend on the eggs. Bright, colorful paper is best if you're using plain hard-boiled eggs. But if you're planning to display decorated Easter eggs , more subtle colors let those babies shine.


1. Cut

Cut a variety of cardstock strips, each about 1" wide.

2. Decorate

Once you have a handful of strips, give them a personal touch by punching holes, drawing simple patterns or using crafty scissors (like zigzag scrapbook scissors). You can also layer the papers together.

3. Glue

When finished, cut each strip to about 5" long. Wrap the paper around so the ends overlap, then glue them together.

Put the eggs on display in their cute paper holders!

Pro Tip

If you're using dyed eggs, make sure they're completely cool and dry before placing them inside the paper egg holder.

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February 20, 2020
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Display Dyed Easter Eggs in These Pretty Paper Holders