7 Easy Ways to Cure Painter's Block

You've decided to take up acrylic painting, have your supplies all ready to go, and are totally psyched to sit down and get started. But then it hits you smack in the face: A blank canvas can be a little scary. Yup, painter's block is totally a thing. The good news? You can get through it with help from our six prompts below.

Grab your paint and start with one of these easy ideas!

1. Flowers

Flowers are a great place to begin because they're fairly easy to get right. They're naturally very pretty, and are usually recognizable even if they're a bit (ahem) abstract. Plus, they'll help you grow your skills as your progress from simple variations to more complex ones.

2. Silhouettes

Painting silhouettes can also help you develop acrylic skills. Try painting an interesting-but-simple background, perhaps with artistic splattering, and then adding a simple silhouette in the foreground. As you progress, you can give both the background and object more detail, but even your very first try is likely to look pretty cool.

3. Still Life

It might seem like still life paintings are something best left to the master painters of the 18th century, but the style is actually accessible to beginners. It's all in how you approach it. Creating a still life relies on painting basic shapes in different colors and perspectives. If you can draw simple shapes and understand shading, you're well on your way to success. So go for it!

4. Three-Dimensional Shapes

If tackling real objects in a still life seems too lofty a goal, you can start by painting basic shapes instead. This easy painting idea can be a gateway to more involved still life compositions. Work with a complementary palette as you explore shape, tone and depth. You're going to be surprised by how impressive something simple can look!

5. Stencils

Acrylic paint is perfect for stenciling — the consistency of the paint helps them come out great every time! Pick a few up at a craft store to play around with as you build confidence. Or, use this DIY technique: Simply section off shapes on your canvas with painter's tape, and then paint right over it in abstract bursts of color. Once the paint dries, you can remove the tape, and the areas the tape covered will remain white, making for a striking, modern painting.

6. Landscape

What better way to get inspired than painting the world around you? Whether it's a gorgeous mountainside, autumnal cornfield or even your own backyard , there's so much beauty to see! Landscape painting is a great practice in observation and seeing like an artist, especially if you're working en plein air .

7. Abstract 

The best way to get better at painting is by painting. Simple! That's true whether you explore realistic, painterly renditions of objects or you create abstract, non-representational art. Abstract art can be an easy way to just start painting and have fun. And that may be the smartest starting point of all.

December 21, 2018
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7 Easy Ways to Cure Painter's Block