Editor’s Picks: 10 Cake Decorating Crushes


From sweetly simple to un-be-lievably elaborate, these are the cakes we just can't wait to make. Which one will you tackle first?

1. We’re Succas For This Treat

Here’s a little secret: Succulents are actually easier to pipe than flowers because they don’t have to be so delicate. So go for it!

2. Under The Sea

The secret magic behind this narwhal? He’s made out of a Twinkie. (We won’t tell, if you won’t!)

3. Perfect Paisley

Cool technique alert: Learn to use a fluid writer to make all these cute doodles.

4. BRB, Making This RN

Write a message out of candy, and even your tween will look up from her phone.

5. Hot Diggity Dog

First you laugh, then you eat it! This funny (and punny!) pup is created from modeling chocolate.

6. Gilded and Gorgeous

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with molten gold, has made it onto a cake. (And we’re completely obsessed.)

7. Glass Half Full

When art and cake decorating collide: Learn to use edible paint to create this amazing stained glass pattern.

8. It's a Pink-splosion!

Pop-rock bark is a thing, and it's all over this amazing creation by Joshua John Russell. Plus, yes, those are gilded meringues.

9. Black Beauty

This gothic wedding cake is giving us (five!) tiers of joy.

10. Eight Legs Of Deliciousness

A white chocolate Octopus. Need we say more? Yes. We need to say Choctopus.

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Succulent plants are fascinating to look at, in a desert or on a dessert. Seriously, just check out the piped-buttercream design above. The shapes! The colors!
Erin Gardner
Erin Gardner
Cake or pie? We say, both! This dessert mashup has it all — the deliciousness of cake with the fancy lattice look of pie.
Create tantalizingly touchable cakes with cake designer extraordinaire Marina Sousa in this hands-on exploration of designer fondant textures.
Marina Sousa
Marina Sousa
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Editor’s Picks: 10 Cake Decorating Crushes