These Floral Art Projects Are Basically Guaranteed to Brighten Your Mood

Whether you're a watercolorist, acrylic maven or colored pencil crazy, there's a flower-fabulous project for you to tackle. Don't sweat it if you've got a black thumb — these blooms will never wilt and will always brighten your day.

1. One Crazy Pretty Flower

This bloomin' flower is great for beginners: it'll teach you key colored pencil techniques like blending, layering colors and creating different values that you'll use on every single drawing going forward.

You know those amazing flower drawings that almost look real? That's the magic of colored pencil, and learning how to do it is easier than it seems. Start with a photo you love, or even a real bloom, and see how far you can get!

2. Gouache Garden

Gouache is a water-soluble paint that pairs oh-so-well with watercolor. Depending on how much water you use, it has a matte-like acrylic appearance or can look like more opaque watercolor. This makes it perfect for adding depth and detail to colorful blooms.

Begin by learning how to create an inspiration board for your botanical subject. Then start sketching, refining and balancing your composition.

3. Painted Petals

Creating this delicate flower requires just a handful of simple watercolor techniques , so anyone can make it thrive. Plus, you'll get all the practice you need to perfect those crisp watercolor lines.

4. A Classic Bouquet Still Life

When you're ready to level up, use this reference photo or arrange some fresh flowers into a bouquet of your own. Then pick up your paints and put blooms to paper using wet-in-wet watercolor techniques.

5. Up Close and Personal

Sometimes it's inspiring to look at things from a new perspective. Case in point: a rose blown up to five times its size. Lay your washes, build up your shadows and explore the fun details you might typically gloss over in a smaller-scale bouquet painting.

6. A Bold Sunflower Scene

Another exercise in painting in-your-face blooms, but this time in acrylic. Blend every shade of yellow you can imagine, build layers for vibrancy and get a crash course in painting a tricky detail you may not have addressed before: pollen!

7. Pretty in Pink

This project is all about staying loose and having fun, so you can create a balanced, colorful composition without fussing over too many rules. And for Type A painters out there, just know this isn't completely free-form. We give you a reference photo to help keep things real.

8. A Mixed Media Bouquet

Colored pencils are cool; watercolors are great. Put 'em together and reach a whole new level of lifelike dimension. These little red flowers are simple to make and the perfect project for practicing mixed media if you've never tried it before.

If you can't decide between painting and drawing, ask yourself: why choose? This mixed-media project combines the best of watercolors and colored pencils for the prettiest blooms.

9. Ultra-Realistic Petals

Nope, it's not a photo — this purple stunner is made in colored pencil. The trick is to work slowly, pay close attention to the colors in your reference photo and build your layers. Nailing those hues is everything!

10. Poppin' Pastels

Layer, blend, repeat. You'll get your hands dirty working with pastels, but the payoff is incredibly worth it. Just look how fun and Seussian those purple blooms are!

If you love to draw with beautiful bold colors, we've got great news — you're not limited to colored pencils. Pastels are a ton of fun and simple to master once you know how to work 'em.

11. Pitcher Perfect

Paint this beauty on a relaxing summer morning. After all, using watercolor to paint the cloth and shadow is a fun challenge to tackle when you have more time.

June 07, 2019
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These Floral Art Projects Are Basically Guaranteed to Brighten Your Mood