Editor's Picks: Our Favorite Knit Projects for January


January is my favorite month for knitting — the crush of holiday gifting is OVER and it’s time to knit for the pure joy of it. Here are the projects I’m dying to cast-on as soon as the ball drops.

1. A New Way to Work With Color

I have a confession: I couldn't wait for the new year to cast on this scarf. I've long been a fan of the Fox Paws scarf, and this somewhat simplified version makes stacked stitches totally doable. You should probably still plan on giving yourself a quiet space where you can focus on your stitches, but that actually sounds pretty great.

2. Visit Iceland, Sort Of

Is it just me or does it feel like everyone and their mother has been to Iceland? (Wait, my mother has been to Iceland...) I may not be traveling anytime soon, but I can knit my very own lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater). Like they say, if you can't join 'em, beat 'em with a handknit sweater. Or something like that.

3. High-Five for Gloves

I'm not really a mitten person, and gloves have always felt daunting. But in the spirit of trying new things in the new year, I'm ready to tackle gloves — including all the fiddly bits involved in knitting fingers and thumbs. Bonus: this straightforward pair is just waiting for whatever fun added embellishment is calling your name.

4. Time to Conquer Cables

The holidays may be over, but we've still got a solid chunk of winter to get through. Treat yourself to the ultimate in cozy: a woolly cable-knit pillow. It's fun to knit, but even better to cuddle up with on a cold winter's night.

5. A Statement Hat

Ready to put down the bulky needles and sink your fingers into a hat that's a little more challenging? Me too. This Peruvian-style topper is chock full of gorgeous details, plus you can try out an entirely new knitting style, if you're so inclined.

6. Crochet to Go

Okay, hear me out: this one isn't a knitting project. But, as a knitter who frequently dabbles in crochet, I can attest to the magic that is a crochet afghan. Crocheting motifs are the perfect palate cleanser for those times when you're struggling to decide what to make next, but just need something in your hands to keep busy.

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Fair Isle knitting is addictive: you've been warned. Who could resist all that color and pattern?
From your morning commute to your bedtime routine, the days can get quite predictable when you’re a grown-up — and for the most part, that's fine. Structure and routine can be useful, productive, and necessary. On the other hand, a lack of spontaneity can also be a total creativity killer. Your task: find pockets of free time, while you’re doing the things you’re doing anyway, into which you can add bursts of creativity. It's easier than you think (no matter how busy you are) and you don’t even need a solid block of time to paint a canvas or throw pottery, either. Here's how to take an ordinary hour and add some unexpected magic.
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Editor's Picks: Our Favorite Knit Projects for January