Editor’s Picks: The 7 Best Desserts of All Time


We tried ‘em and it’s official: these are desserts that will Change. Your. Life. Not just in the eating, but in the making. 'Cuz that's at least half the fun.

And yes, we realize that five of our seven picks are chocolate. But really, who’s going to argue with that?

1. The Ultimate Chocolate Show-Stopper

Every baker loves to show off a little once in a while, and this is definitely that kind of cake. Amazing mirror glaze, spectacular whipped ganache filling and a fancy 3-D flower on top. Boom.

2. Oooh Lava-la!

We’ve all seen lava cake, and we’ve all seen salted caramel. But put ‘em together and you’ll understand why this one makes our list. (Plus, a smart shortcut makes it E-A-S-Y.)

3. Berries for Days

What do you get when you combine fresh, sugared berries with luscious pastry cream? A sweet that’s gorgeous, scrumptious and infinitely adaptable. In other words, our favorite summer creative canvas.

4. Crepes, Reimagined

This masterpiece looks like a cake, but it’s actually a stack of delicate, flavorful crepes layered with cocoa-laced whipped cream.

5. Pumpkin Maple Magic

Is there anything left to discover in the world of pumpkin spice? This incredible blend of pumpkin cheesecake, maple and hazelnut flavors proves the answer is a resounding YES. We promise the candied nut garnish is gonna blow your mind.

6. Stone Cold Scrumptious

This Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Cake really brings the drama with a (fuss-free!) homemade ice cream layer in the middle and every kind of yummy heaped on top. The clincher for us: you can do the whole thing up to two weeks ahead and keep in the freezer.

7. The Fudgier the Better

Sure, you've made brownies before. But this version is off the charts. The secret's in the mixing and baking techniques, plus a little extra dose of... would you have guessed salt?

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Editor’s Picks: The 7 Best Desserts of All Time