These Embroidery Projects Make Awesome Kids' Birthday Gifts

Gift giving for kids can be tough — especially when you want your present to stand out amongst the crowd! With these DIYs, you'll do just that.

1. Add a Little Whimsy to Their Walls

This cute narwhal design couldn't be easier to make. Hoop up and stitch it yourself, or give the DIY kit to an aspiring embroidery artist so they can make it all on their own!

Follow along as Jessica introduces the tools and materials you'll need to jump in, including a needle, embroidery floss and fabric.

2. Stitch a BEARY Cute Hoop

Celebrate the bear cub in your life with a needle painting! It's the perfect gift for any kiddo to hang in his room, but you'll want to start stitching early — this technique can be a bit time-consuming than your average stitches .

Needle (or thread) painting is a truly artful way to embroider. Here, Jessica shows you how to use this technique to create furlike stitching for your second project, a bear cub design. She also shares tips for making expressive animal features including eyes, ears, a snout and couched mouth.

3. Make Some Magic

This unicorn cross-stitch is oh-so-dreamy to help your little one get the perfect night's sleep. It's super beginner-friendly too, so you can bust it out even if you're running short on time.

4. Bust Out a Boho Bird

With these bright colors and poppin' texture, there's no way your kid won't love hanging this around the house. Best part: there's sooo much room for creative freedom, so you can customize it to truly fit their personality.

Now that you've made your first boho-style hoop, move on to your next project: a bold, beautiful bird. See how to overlap fabrics, add more embroidery stitches, including the wheatear stitch, and experiment with some fun embellishments.

5. Say Buh-Bye to Drab Denim

Calling all machine embroiderers! Show off your child's style with a one-of-a-kind jacket. Just don't be surprised when they went to wear it on the reg!

Katrina begins class with an overview of denim, including general design tips and challenges for machine embroidering this universally beloved fabric. Then she helps you choose the best design density and color palettes for the included design.

6. Stitch Up Sweet Dreams

This pattern is too. freaking. cute. It's an adorable addition to any nursery, and you only need to know two stitches — meaning no one needs to be an embroidery extraordinaire to pull this one off.

7. Make the Most Colorful Mandala

The beauty of this project is you can start from square one and, by the time you're done, you'll know 20 stitches! It's also a colorful, geometric design that's just begging to be gifted. Get the kit and start stitchin'!

Discover why hand embroidery is a terrific budget-friendly craft for all ages as Kat helps you assemble the best beginner-friendly supplies, including fabric, floss, needles and hoops.

8. Mess With Monsters

Break out your embroidery machine and make a totally cool appliqué monster. Stitch that little friend so it pokes out of his pocket (or make it front and center on a T-shirt) and he'll have a scary good time!

Create an adorable children's t-shirt with a monster pocket that holds a small monster stuffed animal. Lisa explains how to create the pocket and shares ideas for adding pockets to other appliqué designs.

9. Pick Out Some Patches

Patches are another fun way to add personality to your kid's jackets, jeans or backpack. And making one by hand is a piece of cake — just iron on some adhesive to the back of your embroidery to stiffen the fabric and prevent fraying.

Small embroideries make great patches that you can add to garments or accessories. In this final lesson, see how to easily make a flower patch from the floral wreath, plus a small bonus design (or any small design). Jessica also shares ideas to help you create your own designs.

10. Fox Up Their Friends

Every child loves stuffed animals, but who says you can't make one yourself? This tutorial shows you how to whip them up in four different sizes, so you can make an entire fox family all in your machine embroidery hoop.

Create the cutest stuffed fox ever in your hoop, and learn Sue's tips for cutting jump stitches and hand stitching.

11. Sleep in Style

Monogrammed jammies are the gift to give any child. They're cute, one-of-a-kind and actually make kids excited for bedtime. Triple win!

The holidays are the ultimate excuse to dress your family in matching pajamas. These monogrammed PJs keep your whole fam cozy in style, and they're super easy to embroider — hello, perfect holiday gift!

12. Craft a Dog-Gone Good Gift

Okay, who wouldn't want to get this cross stitch on their birthday? Stitch one for your little, then go on and make one for yourself.

July 26, 2019
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These Embroidery Projects Make Awesome Kids' Birthday Gifts