Fiber Fest it Up!

Sheep parade at Idaho Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Fall is bringing on some serious knitting vibes, and as if we weren't already itching to stitch ... it's festival season! Nope, we're not talking music here. These fairs are all about fiber.

If you’ve never been to a sheep and wool festival, it's basically a knitter's dream come true. You can buy tons of supplies, admire (and possibly pet!) fiber-yielding animals from sheep to rabbits to alpacas, check out crafting demonstrations, schmooze indie designers and yarn makers, and even snack on delish food. Yes, yes and yes.

Ready to go? Here are six awesome events to check out.

California Wool & Fiber

September 14-16, 2018

What’s so cool about it: The festival features a used equipment booth with everything from spinning wheels to looms and carders, which is a great way for newbies to score great supplies on the cheap. (Also: A nice way to spread the crafting love when you have things you don't use.)

Idaho Trailing of the Sheep Festival

October 10-14, 2018

What’s so cool about it: The festival closes with its famous sheep parade. About 1,500 sheep promenade down the street — with the help of herders, of course. You can even sign up to sponsor a sheep!

NY State Sheep & Wool (aka Rhinebeck)

October 20-21, 2018

What’s so cool about it: Probably the most famous wool festival in the States, it's tradition to knit (and wear!) a brand-new sweater for the event. Some designers even release special Rhinebeck Sweater patterns! If you attend, don't be surprised if someone asks you about what you're wearing.

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

October 26-28, 2018

What’s so cool about it: This weekend has everything you’d want from a fiber festival, but it’s smaller and not quite as overwhelming as some of the larger events. Despite its size, the fair still features well-known instructors like Galina Khmeleva, famous for her Orenburg lace shawls.

Maryland Sheep & Wool

May 4-5, 2019

What’s so cool about it: One of the few spring events, this festival is about more than just fiber; for locals, it’s also about Maryland pride. Some vendors sell special yarns sourced from local farms and dyed to feature Maryland’s state flag colors, while vendors like The Knitting Boutique feature their current Maryland-tribute colorway inspired by everything from Old Bay to blue crab.

Looking for something closer to home? Just visit Fiber Events for a list of options all around the country.

September 09, 2018
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Fiber Fest it Up!