10 Fresh, Floral Granny Square Crochet Patterns


If they aren't already, crochet flowers  and granny squares should definitely be on your "to craft" list — they're simple, versatile and fun to work. So why not combine the two and make flower granny squares? 

You can use a flower granny square individually or as part of a set for everything from decorative bunting to gorgeous afghans, garments and more. 

Here are 10 flower granny square crochet patterns to mix and match

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1. Flower in Granny Square

A 3-D flower blooms in the center of this granny square — perfect for making crochet blankets, tablecloths and more. You can even stitch a single square and frame it on the wall!

The designer also has several other gorgeous flower granny square patterns available. In fact, this pattern is included along with ten others in a crochet e-book of flower granny squares .

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2. Stacy's Flowered Square Afghan

This pattern includes a 3-D rose crochet granny square, as well as the terrifically textured checkered squares next to it (as shown above). Make the afghan or use the granny pattern on its own for other crochet projects.

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3. Crochet Flower Granny Square

Reminiscent of a daisy , this lovely pattern is worked in the round as a flat flower, making it easy to use in all kinds of projects, including wearables. Work a bunch of colors and combine them to make a long bouquet-inspired scarf!

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4. Delicate Flower Granny Square

Beads are worked into the flower design of this 2-D granny square, giving it additional texture. And the lacy, openwork crochet pattern works up in no time at all. 

If you like this pattern, be sure to check out the designer's other beautiful crochet granny square patterns.

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5. Flower Sunburst Granny Square

Create a garden of delight by working this simple crochet pattern in bold colors, which also includes instructions for an afghan (as shown above).

The designer has a number of other floral and granny square blanket patterns including the Cotton Flower Square Blanket and Granny Flower Hexagon Blanket.

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6. Granny Square With Flowers & Leaves

Most of these granny square patterns feature a single flower in the center of a square. But in this intricate design, four small flowers with leaves on either side are worked into the square, winding their way around one another. 

The designer also has a cute hearts granny square pattern that can have a floral look if worked in the right color selections.

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7. Granny Square Blankie 3-D Flower Gerbera

This cheerful blanket square pattern showcases the bright colors of flower crochet. The gerbera flower is worked in 3-D, but does not extend so far off of the square as to limit usability.

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8. Granny Square Flower Cowl Neckwarmer

A stunning row of flower granny squares provides a pop of color and design detail in this crochet cowl pattern. Once you know how to work the pattern, you can use the same style of squares for other accessories and garments, too!

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9. Frozen Fowers Pillow

This abstract version of a flower, a quasi-mandala design inspired by floral shapes, is worked up in hues of blue and grey to create a "winter flower" effect. The pattern includes instructions for the floral squares, as well as a crochet pillow cover .

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10. Flower Loom Granny Square

Expand your crafting skills to include the art of making flowers on a loom. Combine them with crochet flowers to create this fun granny square.

The designer includes two video tutorials with this pattern: one for making a 12-petal yarn flower using a Boye Flower Loom and one for finishing the square with crochet.

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Want to create your own flower granny square design? Get inspired by our roundups of  11 Amazing Granny Square Patterns  and 10 Crochet Flower Patterns .

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