The Secret to Getting Kids to Eat Nearly Anything

If you're a parent or spend ample time with kids, then you know how maddening their particular food preferences can sometimes be. However, there's an easy trick to entice picky eaters to dig in: put it on a stick! 

These clever foods-on-a-stick are fun enough to entice picky eaters, but enjoyable for adults too. You'll love these crafty and delicious creations! 

Quiche kebabs

While quiche isn't typically a food you'd call cute, in kebab form, it's totally adorbs. This easy recipe for quiche is served on skewers along with sausage and fruit. Kids will love eating this healthy protein-packed breakfast when it's served on a stick! Get the recipe here.

Fruit kebabs

Looking for a way to make a side of fruit more enticing? Consider making fruit kebabs. This clever presentation makes the side dish the main event and makes fruit seem a lot more fun to eat. No recipe required: Simply slice up a variety of fruits (small fruits like strawberries or grapes won't require slicing) and skewer them on sticks that will easily fit in the lunch box or bag you're packing. 

Grilled cheese kebabs 

Your picky eater will want to lick the plate clean when grilled cheese is served on a stick! When served alongside a tasty bowl of soup, the sandwiches on a stick are fun to dip and eat, making an otherwise old-fashioned lunch a new adventure in eating. Get the recipe here.

Gluten-free pizza on a stick

Pizza on a stick that's actually healthy? Believe the dream. These gluten-free pizza pockets are formed into triangles and then molded over popsicle sticks before baking. They're fun to dip into sauce and devour, and they taste just as good as they look. Get the recipe here.

Sausage pretzel bites 

The maple glaze that covers these sausage bites might be a little grown-up for picky eaters, but the concept is just too fun! Try using pretzel sticks as skewers for another kid-favorite like hot dogs, and reserve the original recipe for the adults. Get the recipe here.

Frozen watermelon slices

These may look like an indulgent ice cream treat, but they're actually healthy fruit! When you freeze watermelon slices and spear them on colorful popsicle sticks, they become a fancy-looking dessert that will delight kids. Not only is it incredibly easy, but it's a wonderfully sneaky way to trick them into an extra serving of fruit! Get the recipe here.

Pie pops 

Everyone deserves a treat now and again! These pint-sized pie portions ensure that kids won't overindulge in sugary desserts, and can be filled with whatever fillings your heart desires, from baked apples to jam to peanut butter. 

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June 30, 2018
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The Secret to Getting Kids to Eat Nearly Anything