Forget the Frame: 7 Creative Ways to Display Your Artwork

When it comes to displaying your art in your home, you automatically think of picture frames. Am I right? While we love a pretty frame, we can't resist the other creative options that are all over IG. Your artwork and photos have never had it so good!

1. Clothes line

A clothes line isn't just for drying laundry! If you have an area with a lot of horizontal space, like a long hallway or a wide wall in the family room, tie up some string and clip on your paintings. Swap out the art regularly as you (or your kids!) make new favorites.

2. Wreath

Whether hanging on a wall or just sitting on a shelf, a small floral wreath makes a great complement to art. You can use the wreath to prop up a small watercolor painting by simply adjusting the branches to hold the canvas or paper in place. So easy and pretty!

3. Washi tape gallery wall

Put that stash of fun-patterned washi tape to work! This low-tack tape is great for walls because it won't strip away the paint, plus it adds a colorful pop that acts as a design element in your display. Cut strips of tape a little longer than the width of an art print and attach the tape to the top and bottom of it. Then stick it up on the wall. You can also cut smaller strips and place tape across all four corners of the print.

4. Art board

An art board creates a 3-D way to display drawings, and it's easy to swap in new pieces anytime. (An especially great feature for families with creative kiddos!)

Paint a board in any color you like and decorate it with lettering. The ABC board here is good for a kid's room, but you can make a more sophisticated version with your favorite phrase or quote. Glue on clothes pins to hold the artwork, and then add hooks on the back to attach the whole thing to the wall.

5. Art shelf

How's this for a #shelfie? The magic here is in letting things be a little crowded and imperfect. Just layer artworks in different colors, textures, and sizes to create the look you like. Artworks on canvas or boards work really well for this, but you can create this look with artwork on sturdy paper too.

6. Art mobile

Mobiles aren't just for babies! This approach gives your artwork another dimension, almost like a sculpture!

To make one, take a simple wooden dowel and attach a long piece of string to either end. This will hold the mobile up on the wall. Then attach shorter strings down the length of the dowel and use tape to attach small paintings, drawings or prints to the ends. 

7. Clipboards

Forget its practical application — use a clipboard to display art! Simply clip in your art, and then hang it on the wall using the small hole at the top. Couldn't be easier than that! You can even arrange several into a gallery wall, and swap out the artwork as often as you like.

August 29, 2018
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Forget the Frame: 7 Creative Ways to Display Your Artwork