14 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns You Should Stitch This Season

Crocheters, grab your hooks — it's time to decorate for Christmas ! Going handmade is an obvious choice for the holidays, whether you're looking to make ornaments, gifts, garlands or other decor. We've got the free patterns you're looking for — make one or make 'em all to truly get in the holiday spirit.

1. Beginner-Friendly Ornaments

Homemade ornaments are the best, and once you get the hang of the stitches you can create these ornaments in endless colors and patterns. Master making a magic circle and you've got yourself a great stash-busting project!

These crocheted ornaments are every kind of perfect: simple to make and soooooo cute. You can customize the pattern in endless ways (thick stripes, thin stripes, no stripes!), so you'll never get bored making them. Which is why every single person on your list might get one this year.

2. Put a Bow On It

You could buy your bows at the store, but why not make your own out of yarn? These guys are cute, quick and reusable, so your recipient can give it forward on a present of their own.

Once you realize how easy this bow is to make, you're going to make one for every single project you can dream up. Crochet a small rectangle, wrap the center and — boom! — you've got an adorable bow. Genius.

3. Fabulous Flurries

This winter pattern works up quickly, so you can add it to gift wrap , string it into a garland or even glue it to a holiday card . There are a ton of ways to crochet snowflakes too, so go on and stitch an entire blizzard.

If you're looking at your holiday project list and starting to panic, we've got you! These crochet snowflakes are fast, easy, cute and totally giftable. Stitch up a flurry and show that list who's in charge.

4. Delicate Ornament Holder

Take those classic Christmas ball ornaments and give 'em a beautiful crochet cover. This might look complex, but if you can chain and know how to slip stitch, you'll nail the pattern and add a unique feature to your tree.

5. Santa Frame Ornaments

If you love personalizing your tree with family photos, stitch them a cute and festive frame. Simply print off a photo of a family member, cut around their face and crochet a Santa hat and beard around it.

6. Bundled Up Snowmen

These cute snowmen will look amazing on your mantel, and you only need to know one stitch ( single crochet ) to pull them off. You can even use your yarn scraps to make their little hats and scarves.

7. Christmas Reindeer

If you've got a few amigurumi projects under your belt, add this reindeer to your stitch list. it'll seriously be the cutest gift ever .

8. Animal Ornaments

Crochet some joy with bundled-up animal ornaments. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for making a dog, cat, frog, crab, rabbit, owl and a mouse. Pick your favorites or stitch them all for a critter-themed tree.

9. Rudy the Reindeer

Let's be real: Rudy the crochet reindeer is a beginner-friendly amigurumi that should be a part of everyone's Christmas displays. At 4½" tall, this guy stitches up fast, so you could even make all of Santa's reindeer.

10. Howie the Holiday Penguin

Let this pattern waddle into your heart for the holidays. Not only is he cute, but he's an easy project for beginners and the pattern has easy-to-follow photos so you'll never get lost.

11. Santa Hat

Keep your head festive and flurry-free with a crochet Santa hat. You can make a classic elf-style accessory or go more modern with a striped beanie — the pattern has the know-how for both.

12. Elf Slippers

Ring in the holidays with festive footwear! Basic stitches (and some decorative bells) are all you need to make these stylish slippers that would turn any elf green with envy.

13. Mini Christmas Stockings

Whether you use 'em for ornaments or a garland, mini Christmas stockings are a quick-stitch project that'll use any yarn left over from other holiday projects. The pattern calls for surface crochet techniques, but an advanced beginner will still find it completely approachable.

14. Mini Rainbow Snowmen

Decorate the house with an array of crochet snowmen all decked out in different colored scarves. Whether you opt to make them into ornaments or display as a set, they're sure to inspire a bunch of happy holiday smiles.

December 09, 2019
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14 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns You Should Stitch This Season