10 FREE Crochet Basket Patterns to Declutter Your Home

Declutter your home while adding stylish decor when you crochet baskets for all of the rooms in your house. Crochet basket patterns can be intricate or simple, offering you the opportunity to try out different stitches or work meditatively with the basics.

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1. Round Crochet Basket Pattern

This free crochet basket tutorial give you enough information to easily adapt to a size that best suits your need. Designed for bulky-weight yarn, you can also work it with multiple strands of thinner yarn held together.

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2. T-shirt Yarn Basket

T-shirt yarn is a great choice for baskets because it's extra thick and sturdy. You want your baskets to stand up straight without caving in. Good construction helps with that, but the right yarn is also key. As a bonus, this crochet basket includes handles so you can easily carry it around the home.

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3. Crochet Heart Basket

Small crochet baskets like this one are great for desks and countertops, offering you a place to drop your keys or store office supplies. This little basket is shaped like a heart, adding a sweet touch to your decor. Or, fill it with chocolates and give as a gift for Valentine's Day or another occasion.

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4. Decorative Basket

Although most crochet baskets use heavy yarns, it is possible to make a lacy crochet basket with worsted weight or lighter yarns. This one has been tested in a variety of yarns — even fingering weight yarn! There's enough structure to keep the basket upright, despite the lovely openwork design.

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5. Jute Moses Basket

A Moses basket has handles and is typically designed to carry a child, sometimes used in place of a bassinet. This is a small version designed for 4" to 5" dolls. It's great as a gift for a child who loves playing with dolls, but this sturdy basket can be functional for so many different things in the home. Made from jute, it's durable and adds a nice touch of natural decor to any space.

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6. Foldable Basket Reticule

This is one of the most versatile basket crochet patterns you will ever find! The basket folds for easy washing and travel, but it also holds its shape when you want to use it. Designed to be made in a variety of sizes, it can be used as not just a basket but also a bowl or a tray. Add a drawstring and it can even be converted into a pouch.

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7. Crochet Bread Basket

Dress up your dinner table with this crochet bread basket. When you're done with dinner, use it as storage for kitchen utensils or linens. A simple color change on the edge gives a little pop to the design. Crochet these baskets in several colors to match the holidays when you may have dinner guests.

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8. Crochet Easter Basket

This may be designed as an Easter basket, since it's perfect for holding candies or collecting eggs, but we'd bet you can find year-round uses for this classic design. Made with nylon twine, it has terrific durability, making it a great choice for an indoor-outdoor basket. Kids may find it helpful to carry their small toys outdoors with them in the summer.

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9. Bobble Stitch Crochet Basket

The bobble stitch has the strength needed for a crochet basket combined with a decorative, touchable texture. This small basket works up very quickly, making it a terrific "instant gratification" project that you can put to use right away. The basic idea has also been used to crochet larger baskets, so you can play around with the design to fit the needs of your own home.

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10. Log Bag Basket

Crochet baskets can help keep every part of your home organized. This one is designed for use by the fireplace to store your extra firewood. It's large enough that you could also use it to hold extra blankets,  balls for the kids and lots of other great items.

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July 18, 2017
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10 FREE Crochet Basket Patterns to Declutter Your Home