20 DIY Mug Rugs and Coasters for Snacking in Style

Fact: snacks taste better when served on a handcrafted mug rug. Or at least, that's how you'll feel once you stitch these cute coasters and mug rugs.

You might be wondering: what's the difference between the two, anyway? It's simple — while a coaster is designed to seat a cup and nothing more, a mug rug is larger, leaving you space for a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, cookies or other goodies. Whichever you decide to craft, you can't go wrong with these free patterns.

1. Log Cabin

Never underestimate the power of handcrafted coasters — especially ones made with a classic log cabin design. These are perfect for using scraps and can be real conversation starters at your next get-together.

If there's one party rule we follow, it's to never underestimate the power of handcrafted coasters. They're perfect for using scraps, they stitch up in a flash and the customization opportunities are endless — making 'em conversation starters for your next get-together. And if hosting isn't your thing, DIY coasters just so happen to be a functional and fun quick-stitch gift any host or hostess would love.

2. Double-Sided Appliqué

Greet your guests (and gently nudge them out at the end of the night) with double-sided coasters. One side says HI, the other side BYE — and you can stitch 'em in any style and color palette you want.

These coasters are the perfect way to greet your party guests ... and gently nudge them out at the end of the night. Two sides, two messages, one stellar quick-stitch craft!

3. Batik Braid

Sew strips that look like an intricate braid in this stress-free mug rug. The key is all in the piecing, and you can stitch it fast with Batik precuts .

Have you always wondered how to sew a braid from strips? Do you have a charm pack that you want to use? Want to try making a fun little mug rug for a friend or yourself? Our Mug Rug of the Month for November is just the pattern to get you started!

4. Flying Geese

Sure, this mug rug is cute and beginner-friendly, but it's also prime practice for a ton of techniques. Brush up on sewing partial seams, using a pillowcase binding and crafting folded flying geese units.

Whether there's a drawer in your kitchen dedicated to mug rugs or you've never made a single one, this folded flying geese design is a must-have. Not only is it beginner-friendly, but it's a great project for practicing a ton of techniques: making folded flying geese, sewing partial seams and using a pillowcase binding. Oh, and guess what? It can be made completely with charm squares!

5. Holly Jolly Mug Rug

Pair this holiday mug rug with a cup of hot cocoa for the best Christmas morning ever. The 3D rickrack makes it even more festive and eye-popping.

We may be a bit biased, but that homemade pumpkin spice latte seems to taste so much better — and is way more photogenic — when it's resting on top of a festive mug rug. This stacked presents pattern is perfect for Christmas, but you could easily swap out the red and green fabric for colors better suited to Hanukkah, a birthday, or any other occasion worth celebrating. Talk about versatility!

6. The Big Apple

This scrappy mug rug is sure to be the apple of your eye. It's the perfect project for summer or fall, and —bonus! — makes an A+ gift for any teacher.

Mug rugs may not grow on trees, but they can come out of fabric scraps. This quick and easy project is perfect for summer or fall, and — bonus! — makes an A+ gift for any teacher.

7. Strippy Scrap-Buster

Don't toss those selvages! Use your scraps to craft a strippy mug rug that'll commemorate all the fun projects you've made.

Don't throw out those selvages! Save 'em from your fabric so you can transform them into a scrappy mug rug that commemorates your crafts.

8. Crafty Candy Corn

Thanks to the printable pattern, this appliqué mug rug comes together fast. Make a bunch for your morning pumpkin spice latte , and stitch some coordinating tea towels to match.

Add some festive flair to your kitchen with the cutest mug rug and tea towel. They whip up in a flash, especially with our printable PDF template. Just follow the cut-outs, piece 'em together and do some simple stitching!

9. Rainbow Rays

Get a crash course in paper foundation and the stitch-and-flip technique, all while sewing a gorgeous rainbow mug rug to boot.

Make your morning cup of coffee way more colorful with a rainbow ray mug rug. This project is pure fun — and a great introduction to the sew-and-flip technique on a paper foundation.

10. Red, White and Blue

The secret to this quick-stitch mug rug: layers, layers, layers. When paired with a decorative stitch and rickrack binding , you've got a pretty piece for your table.

Red, white and blue has never looked so cute. Make a batch of mug rugs to use during your Fourth of July picnic — they can double as hot plates for your cookout, too!

11. Red Hot Checkerboard

All those little squares might look time-consuming, but thanks to a fast (and fun) strip piecing method, you can create it in a cinch. Checkmate!

12. Teeny Tiny Time

Sometimes it's hard to find projects for the smallest of scraps, but these 4" coasters are here to keep you totally waste-free.

13. Cozy Up to Fall

Yep, you can totally make two cute fall-themed coasters in a single afternoon. These appliqué pieces are fast and festive, not to mention the perfect indoor activity for a chilly autumn day.

14. Four Seasons

Craft these coasters any time of year. Just grab your scrap bin first — it's the perfect stash-buster.

15. A Kitty and a Ghost

Say hello to a mug rug so cute, it's scary! It'll make a boo-tiful backdrop that's perfect for serving Halloween cake pops or other festive fall treats.

16. Easy Hexie

Everyone loves a good hexie, especially one you can sew in a snap. But don't be fooled by how simple the design looks — playing with fabric gives you so many options for customization.

17. Furry Friends

Who says cats and dogs can't get along? This mug rug is super cute and a great gift for your animal-lovin' BFF.

18. Nine-Patch

Sometimes the basics are the most beautiful. Sewing a simple nine-patch block is both beginner-friendly and a fast, fun project for more experienced stitchers.

19. Tea for Two

Mug rugs are a must-have for tea time, especially when they're as adorable as these. Stitch 'em up using scraps or grab a favorite patterned fabric.

20. Glowing Hearts

Whether you make it in Valentine's Day colors or pick fabrics for year-round use, this project will melt hearts. Frame it in rickrack binding for an extra wow factor.

January 16, 2020
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20 DIY Mug Rugs and Coasters for Snacking in Style