From New Romance to Lifelong Love: Here's What To Bake For Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day and sweets are made for each other. And if you ask us, real love (or at least "real like") calls for the real deal — butter, chocolate and all.

So we respectfully suggest that you set aside the brocolli-infused muffins and paleo cake for another day, and make sure you’ve thought seriously about those three little words that can make or break Feb 14: What To Bake.

Just Dating: Decorated Sugar Cookies

You’ve been seeing each other for a few months. It’s time to make a commitment — a commitment to color five different bags of icing and hand-pipe adorable, flirty messages on from-scratch rolled sugar cookies. We promise, you'll have your sweetie eating every last crumb out of the palm of your hand.

You’ve Said "I Love You”: Chocolate Lava Cake

Hot, sweet and all mushy inside. These liquid-center cakes are not only surprisingly easy to make, they can even be put together hours before. Just pop 'em in the oven when things really start to heat up.

Recently Engaged/Married: Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Congratulations to you both! You’ve found your forever person, now show how much you care by making an elaborate cake designed by world-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres. With almond, praline and whipped chocolate mousse, this masterpiece is as deep, complex and infinite as your love.

Parents of Small Children: Brownies

Say "I love you" with minimal effort, and maybe a few eggshells (thanks to your adorable helpers). Rich and chocolaty one-pot fudgey brownies promise loads of smiles and very few dishes to wash.

In It For the Long Haul: Caramel Apple Pie

The lucky ones know it: love gets better over time. Kind of like pie, which is always more delicious the next day when eaten directly from the pan with two forks. Not only does this dessert have the perfect super-flaky pie crust, but the caramel-apple filling warms your soul, much like the love of your life sitting across the table.

Alone and Loving It: Macarons

To thine own self be true! Macarons, those delectably crunchy — yet soft and chewy — pillows of French perfection are easy to master, but need singular focus while you’re making them. In other words, this is the ideal project for spending a little quality time with Y-O-U.

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From New Romance to Lifelong Love: Here's What To Bake For Valentine's Day