8 Game Day Recipes That Will Steal The Super Bowl Show


Because you’re not really watching football unless you’re doing it while chowing down on some totally indulgent snacks.

1. Say Cheese

Simmer up homemade chile con queso in your slow cooker, then dish it out on top of nachos all night long.

2. Beef + Beer + BBQ Sauce

Drink some beer, eat some beer! Beef gets cooked up with BBQ sauce and a bottle of the good stuff in this great-for-a-crowd stew.

3. So Good In The Slow Cooker

Move over, ground beef! Brisket is the star of the chili show here. Yum.

4. Let’s Guac About It

Perfectly ripe avocados, a hint of lime juice, and some salt is all you really need to make everyone’s fave dip. Wanna get fancy with added tomatoes or onions? You do you.

5. Better On A Bun

This quickie pulled pork recipe can be ready by halftime. The secret is using a pork tenderloin, which cooks up nice and fast.

6. Wingin' It

These Buffalo wings get baked up until they’re suuuper crispy, and then tossed with our special spicy sauce. Don’t forget the blue cheese for dipping!

7. Veggie Mania

This vegetarian chili is packed with hearty millet and tons of flavor. Seriously, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

8. One-Pot Wonder

One pot and done! This creamy mashed potato recipe is so simple to make, you'll have all the time you need to focus on the game.

Take note: this isn't your typical "cook the mashed potatoes, then keep them warm in a slow cooker" method. Rather, it's the perfect one-bowl way to cook mashed potatoes from start to finish. Over the span of a few hours, cubes of seasoned potato are cooked until tender, mashed right in the same slow cooker bowl and mixed with creamy additives. It couldn't be more simple!

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8 Game Day Recipes That Will Steal The Super Bowl Show