6 Genius (But Simple!) Decorating Ideas for Round Cookies


A simple round sugar cookie is the best possible place to start for all kinds of awesome icing designs. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your kid or a bridal shower for your bestie, these cookie decorating ideas are sure to be a hit with the crowd.

1. Rose Ceremony

These gorgeous pink blossom cookies don’t come from a fancy bakery, but rather your kitchen! Tools like a Stencil Genie make it easy to get flawless pro-level style.

2. Minion Mania

Love Minions? Love cookies? Then you’re gonna love Minions cookies. For the best results, do as Joshua John Russell does and always prop both elbows on the table while you pipe , steadying one hand with the other.

3. This Bud’s For You

To make the sweetest flowers, use the “pulled dot” technique: Pipe circles of royal icing dots around your cookie, then use a spatula to flatten and gently smear each one into a petal shape.

4. Cookie Cosmos

For cookies that are light years away from the regular kind, try a galaxy design with swirls of blue, purple, pink, white and black. Proof that no black light is necessary if you want to get completely space-y.

5. Tie-Dye One On

This '60s-inspired cookie is perfect when you’re not in the mood to mix up batch after batch of colored icing — you paint the food coloring right onto your cookie instead!

6. Rosy Outlook

These lovely floral cookies use a “wet on wet” technique, make the entire design with flood-consistency icing. You need to work fast, so the icing doesn't harden, but that just means your cookies will be ready in no time!

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6 Genius (But Simple!) Decorating Ideas for Round Cookies