Get Rid of the Craft Baggage That’s Weighing You Down


Humans are funny creatures: We can turn even the most enjoyable hobbies into things that seriously stress us out. And it happens all the time with craft projects. We start out with the best intentions, but end up with disorganized supply stashes and endless unfinished projects that can leave us feeling stuck.

Sound familiar? It's hard to avoid, and we've definitely been there too! But to free your creative self, you've gotta take stock of your baggage and get rid of it.

Conquer the Craft Clutter!

If any of these sound familiar, you may be due for a creative cleanup — literally and emotionally.

  • Supplies for a craft that you thought you’d like, but never got into. (Those rubber stamps aren't gonna stamp themselves!)
  • Materials you'll just never use — like that novelty yarn that's impossible to crochet with.
  • Things that no longer work, like the dull scissors you still haven't sharpened.
  • Extra supplies that you'll never use up in a thousand lifetimes.

I know, I know. You can see very good reasons to keep all of these supplies. But a physical mess leads to a mental mess — like some of these symptoms:

  • When you open the door to your craft space, you immediately close it because you can’t face the chaos.
  • You've got at least one project that you haven't finished because you can't find the right supplies, even though you know you have them somewhere!
  • You've bought doubles of supplies because you didn’t remember you already had it. (Oops!)

Most of us have pretty deep reasons for holding onto things that don't serve us anymore. Maybe you're the type to worry about scarcity, and you have a tendency to hold on to things "just in case." Maybe you feel a little guilty about a project or activity that seemed perfect in the moment, but never worked out — and hanging onto those supplies feels less wasteful than just letting them go.

But here's the thing: life happens. Getting too busy or too distracted to see a project through — or even just changing your mind — isn't a failure. It's just evidence of being a creative person who has many great ideas and a finite amount of time to pursue them. (Join the club!)

Once you let yourself off the hook a bit, donating those unwanted supplies won't be so hard. (Especially because someone else can enjoy them. Feels good, right?) And you'll be surprised how freeing it is. You can think of it as making more space for whatever creative outlet truly does have your heart right now — and that's always a good thing to do.

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Get Rid of the Craft Baggage That’s Weighing You Down