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          10 Gifts to Buy Your Sewing Bestie (and Also Yourself)


          It's easy to make your sewing friends happy around the holidays , their birthdays, Mother's Day — all you have to do is fill their arms with sewing gifts! Whether you're giving a fabric that totally made you think of them, notions that need to be replaced or kits that let them tackle a new project, you're guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Happy shopping!

          Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

          Trust us: any sewer will squeal when gifted with fabric. After all, it just gives them the chance to start a new project ! Go for one that reminds you of their vibrant personality, or a print that you already know they love.

          A Fun Sewing Kit

          If you know your friend loves to sew but have no clue which supplies are hanging around her sewing room , kits are a solid gift option. They're the one-stop-shop for everything she'll need to complete her next project. Whether she likes to sew dresses or pillows, table runners or bags, she'll love bringing one of these fun, fresh ideas to life.

          Fresh Scissors

          At first glance, this may seem like a relatively boring gift. But fear not: it's a major stocking stuffer win. Sewers are constantly using their scissors, so having ones with sharp blades is clutch. These have comfy handles, a micro-serrated blade to prevent frayed edges and a protective plastic cover to keep them in shape for many snips to come. (And if you know she prefers a rotary cutter, you can always nab her some new blades .)

          Flat Flower Pins

          Another genius stocking stuffer idea: pins. Actually, let us be more specific: flat pins that won't melt. These do just that and they lie flat under acrylic rulers, making them the perfect essential for any sewist as she makes her way through her next genius creation.

          Magnetic Pin Organizer

          Every sewer has been there: that moment when, out of nowhere, she accidentally swipes her container of pins, spilling them all over the dang floor. To help your friend avoid that painful pickup, gift her a magnetic organizer. (Even better if you give her pins, too!) It'll keep those puppies in place, propelling them to the outside edge in a sunburst so they're quick and easy to grab.

          Fremont Tote Bag Kit

          If there's one thing sewers love to make, it's bags. Gift her everything she needs to craft a totally chic tote made of waxed canvas and leather accents. And if she has a Bluprint subscription , she'll score a step-by-step walk-through that shows her how to put this beauty together from start to finish.

          A Bluprint Project Plan

          Speaking of subscriptions, if your bestie is known for her sewing prowess, there's seriously nothing she'll love more than a Bluprint Project Plan. Sign her up for a quarterly or annual subscription and she'll get to choose a project to make every quarter, with all the supplies shipped straight to her door. Plus, she'll gain access to thousands of classes taught by world-class experts, and exclusive savings on any additional notions she needs. Ka-ching!

          The Perfect Sewing Shirt

          Sewers don't just want supplies — anything that shows off their love of the craft is great, too. This shirt does just that, making it known to just about everyone how close that needle and thread is to her heart.

          Photo courtesy of Etsy shop ShopWavez

          A Punny Bag

          Since you already know sewers love stocking up on fabric, ya might as well gift her a bag to stash it in. (Not to mention fellow sewers will get a kick out of it when she carries it around town!)

          Photo courtesy of Etsy shop BlackTypographic

          Colorful Wall Art

          Sewers are always looking for cute ways to organize and decorate their sewing room, so go on and gift her some framed watercolors that show off her favorite parts of the craft. (And if you wanna learn how to make watercolors, there's a class for that .)

          Photo courtesy of Etsy shop ModPopDeco

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          10 Gifts to Buy Your Sewing Bestie (and Also Yourself)