5 Glow-in-the-Dark Crafts That Are Scarily Fun to Make

Here's the thing: when a project glows in the dark, it's just that much cooler. Whether you're a baker, paper crafter or embroiderer, there are so many ways you can take your projects to a new (glow-in-the-dark) level.

1. Bold Buttercream

This buttercream may look basic and blue, but when you turn the lights off it lights up into a totally mind-blowing confection. (It tastes oh-so-good, too!) The glow effect is all thanks to quinine, an element found in tonic water.

In broad daylight, this cupcake may look a bit boring. But once you have it under black lights, you'll get a jaw-dropping dessert that positively glows!

2. Edible Slime

Whether you use it to top off a monster cake or just slurp it straight from a bowl, edible slime is a fun way to create some glow-in-the-dark fun. Again, you'll want plenty of tonic water on hand to achieve that green glow.

If you spend any time online (or with a 6-year-old) you've probably seen one, two or twenty slime-making videos. The inedible stuff is made by combining different ratios of glue, water and boric acid (Borax or contact lens solution). It's sticky, gross and plenty of fun to play with! But — until now — it definitely wasn't something you'd want to eat. Allow us to introduce the next generation in slime.

3. Embossed Card

Making cards that pop is super easy — the secret is all in the embossing powder. When it's heated and melted, it makes a ghostly effect.

Halloween is all about things that go bump in the night and things that glow in the dark. This handmade card definitely fits the bill — it's cute in the daylight, but spooky once the lights go down.

4. Glo-Nuts Donuts

Turn the lights off — and black lights on — as you munch on these breakfast goodies. Because yep, that frosting is packed full of tonic water.

Fact: everything's cooler when it glows in the dark, especially when it comes to sweets. But you don't have to limit yourself to glow-in-the-dark buttercream or slime cake — now you can bring the fun to your breakfast with "glonuts."

5. Glowing Thread Embroidery

Using glow-in-the-dark novelty threads is an easy way to make your embroidered projects glow, making machine embroidery cooler than ever.

Have some fun with novelty glow-in-the-dark and color-changing threads. Lindee covers various uses, care and sewing considerations for designs that can glow brightly in a dark room or change colors in direct sunlight or shade. You'll love trying these threads for holiday projects, wedding accessories, children's apparel and more.

April 07, 2020
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5 Glow-in-the-Dark Crafts That Are Scarily Fun to Make