You'd Never Guess These Chocolate Dessert Recipes Are Totally Gluten-Free


No gluten? No problem! These gluten-free chocolate dessert recipes are so delicious you won’t miss that regular ol' flour one tiny bit. And that’s a promise!

1. Classic Cookies

If there’s one dessert recipe everyone needs in their baking repertoire, it’s a classic chocolate chip cookie! And this is the perfect gluten-free option. The secret: Adding a touch of teff flour to the gluten-free flour mix.

2. Terrific Truffles

This classic bite-size dessert is not only naturally gluten-free, it’s also perfect for parties since you can make a whole bunch way ahead of time! (They keep in the fridge for up to a month.) Want to make yours extra extra? Infuse the ganache with orange-y goodness, then roll it up in a topping of your choice.

3. Cookie Cake

Very important question: Are cookies or cakes more your jam? If you can’t possibly decide, go on and combine the two! This gluten-free cookie cake gets baked in a spring-form pan, so it’s easy to put on display once you’re ready to serve.

4. On a Roll

This mousse-filled dessert includes five (count 'em — five!) different types of delicious chocolate. So we’re pretty darn sure you’re not going to be missing any of that gluten.

5. Slice of Heaven

Let’s face it: A lot of gluten-free desserts can taste as dry as the desert. But using oil instead of butter will make for a super-moist slice of classic chocolate cake. Hooray!

6. Flour(less) Power

Flourless cake is basically the OG gluten-free chocolate dessert. The deliciousness is in its simplicity: One layer of fudgy, chocolate cake covered with chocolate glaze. What more do you need, really?

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You'd Never Guess These Chocolate Dessert Recipes Are Totally Gluten-Free