These Brain Cupcakes May Just Turn You Into a Zombie This Halloween

Gimme some brains! For those who love the gorier side of Halloween (or are just really into The Return of the Living Dead), you can make cupcakes that any zombie would love to munch on. And it's all done with simple piping!

Brain Cupcakes

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Frost the Cupcakes

Using your small angled palette knife, smooth the surface of a baked cupcake with a thin layer of buttercream.

2. Pipe a Line

Fill a piping bag fitted with the round piping tip with pink buttercream. Pipe a simple line down the center of the cupcake.

3. Make the Squiggles

Pipe thick, wiggly lines of buttercream on either side of the center line. That's it! If you want more gore, you can also fill your cupcakes with raspberry or strawberry preserve "blood."

Now go get gruesome with your fellow ghouls!

Photos by Juniper Cakery.

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These Brain Cupcakes May Just Turn You Into a Zombie This Halloween