These Halloween Sewing Projects Are Spooky Enough to Stitch

The days are getting shorter and there's a nip in the air that can only mean one thing: Halloween is near. Take care to not let the spooky spirit elude you — these sewing projects are the best way to feel festive.

1. Super Costumes

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just the coolest costumes of the year. Choose from four different patterns (and four different DC Comics characters) and start stitching.

Serve justice in style with a bodysuit, cape-blazer and bat mask you sew yourself! Marcy shows you how.

2. Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Make your fall projects festive, even when you're not working on something specifically for Halloween. How? By using an adorable pumpkin cushion to hold all the pins for your WIPs.

Add some autumn cheer to your next sewing project! This little pincushion is super cute, and takes absolutely no time to make.

3. Bat Plushes

The oversized ears, wings and head make these plushies adorably batty. The ones pictured are made with minky material, but you can really use any fabric you have on-hand.

4. Pumpkin Trio

Sewing these pumpkins is easy as 1-2-3, and you can dress up your home for fall just by picking from three sizes, two styles and any color fabric you love.

5. Large Witch Hat

This witch hat is big. Like, really big. Our suggestion: stitch it and build a centerpiece for your spooky Halloween dessert table.

6. Felt Finger Puppets

Who says Halloween can't be cute? These felt finger puppets are playful, adorable and super easy to sew. Follow the patterns provided, or customize your own characters for a truly personalized touch.

7. Halloween Pillows

Whether you choose to make the scaredy cat, jolly jack-o'-lantern or candy corn pattern (or, come on, you can make all three), these festive pillows are a fast way to spookify your home for the holiday.

8. Witch Costume Hat

The witching hour is upon us, which means you obviously need a fab witch's hat. This pattern makes it easy to give your costume a DIY touch.

October 12, 2013
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These Halloween Sewing Projects Are Spooky Enough to Stitch