Hand Embroidery + Hand Lettering = Our Latest Obession


No one's surprised that hand lettering and hand stitching are instant BFFs, right? Beautiful, swirling script accented with neat, textural stitching just makes sense.

The technique here is pretty straightforward: Once you're happy with your hand lettering skills , simply write your message on fabric. Then, stitch over the letters.

You can use basic stitches, such as a back stitch , or go wild and try bubble letters filled with satin or chain stitch. Or experiment with negative space and create a design that surrounds large, bold letters, leaving the actual text blank.

Need some inspo? Check out how some of our favorite embroiderers have taken their messages to the hoop.

Say 'I do'

Photo by Sarah Nelson
Beautiful, looping script, clean simple numbers and lush florals make this hoop the perfect wedding gift (or heck, stitch one for yourself to celebrate your own big day!).

Go bold

Photo by Jojo Giltsoff
When you hear a quote that rings true, like this one from Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper, stitch it up. Amp up the impact by playing with the words that matter most: here “going big” and “go home,” are supersized in a vibrant color. Message received.

A textured reminder

Photo by Nikitina Liubov
Carved out amid a textural wonderland of French knots and bullion stitch is an apt reminder to chill. The bold, sketchy lettering seems to nestle against the intricate background (seriously, the background is AMAZING), and we couldn't love it more.

Black, white and wonderful

Photo/design by Thread Folk and Alli K Design
Stay true to your paper and ink palette with this black and white design. The words have a surprisingly strong impact when stitched in a solid color and paired with the inky-looking lines of the plants.

Simplicity on black

Photo by Kate Beardsmore
If you’re one for repeating encouraging mantras, make them a permanent presence with a stitched reminder. This lovely hoop features text that evokes the feeling of a handwritten note, while edgy black dials up the cool factor.

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Kat McTee
Kat McTee
l love a good DIY project just as much as the next girl. But a few years ago, I was craving a hobby I could also teach myself. And, preferably, teach myself while at home mindlessly watching Netflix. Brush calligraphy ended up being just the one! And while I won’t get into how many hours I spent practicing while binge-watching Parks & Rec, you really only need 10 minutes a day to hone this new skill.
Samantha Zabell
Create your own hand-lettered designs with simple materials.
Adam Vicarel
Adam Vicarel
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Hand Embroidery + Hand Lettering = Our Latest Obession