7 Lettering Artists You've Just Gotta Follow

Along with practicing every day (yes, every single day!), following fellow lettering artists on Instagram is a great way to get inspired as you learn the art form. Whether you’re intrigued by traditional marker lettering or you're thinking about dabbling in mixed mediums, these are the artists to stalk.

Chrystal at @chrystalizabeth

Chrystal was one of the first artists I followed on Instagram, mostly because she's a master flourisher. Her sweeping letter forms bring plenty of drama and — bonus! — she includes a video for almost everything she creates. I've found that's incredibly helpful when I want to emulate her gorgeous signature style.

Sarah at @sarah_letters

Sarah uses brush pens to add dimension to her letters, and you can recognize her style a mile away from the strong, bold colors and formats. Her clean lines and consistent, even letters leave me itching to pick up my own pens.

Lauren at @virginiahandwritingco

I love Lauren’s ultra-modern touch, which she achieves with a combination of by-hand and digital design. But more importantly, I love following Lauren because she's a teacher. Her posts are beautiful and instructive, and she's always full of inspiration and encouragement for her fans. Lauren's incredibly open and extroverted, so if you have a question, just shoot her a message! She'll always respond.

Sarah at @theinkyhand

Left-handed letterers always have plenty of questions about technique, so you need a strong artist to follow for inspiration and education. Not only is Sarah a talented hand-letterer, but she also posts videos of her process to help you understand the best way to wield your pen. Score one for the lefties!

Wileen at @madebytofu

Wileen uses multiple mediums — including brush lettering and watercolors — to create colorful, eye-catching quotes. Following her feed always inspires me to mix fonts and colors for a more dynamic piece.

Angi at @angeliqueink

If you're wanting to learn more traditional calligraphy with pen and ink, Angi's feed is the one to watch. Her classic, elegant handwriting is perfect for those looking to nail down a more formal style for envelopes or wedding-related décor.

Caren at @everyday.hooray

Practicing digital calligraphy with a tablet and pencil? Then follow Caren, whose digital compositions never fail to blow me away. Plus her color combos and font styles serve endless inspiration for your future artwork.

October 30, 2018
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7 Lettering Artists You've Just Gotta Follow