Hang Onto Summer! 5 Ways to Squeeze in the Family Fun While You Can


Known fact: summer goes way too fast. So we propose a great big time out for some awesome family together time before homework and sports practices gobble up our lives. Nothing fancy, just fun. Who's in?

1. Go BIG with pizza night

Here's our recipe: Start the night with an episode of Pizza Revolution , then make your own wacky pizza at home. (Just make sure to have a plain cheese pie as a backup in case the experiment goes way wrong. We've been there.) Chow down, then finish the night with our pizza-inspired game .

2.Get (very) creative with the school supplies

We're not just talking stickers here (though we love them, too). A little hand embroidery turns a store-bought backpack, pencil case or jacket into something completely one-of-a-kind. And with a few pointers from our Jump Into video series , it's easier than you'd think for kids to learn the fine art of embroidering their own stuff.

3. Be the first family in your neighborhood to play Doodle Wars

Inspired by our new hit show , the Doodle Wars card game brings out the artist (or maybe the comedian) in every family member. Turn off the phones and prepare to laugh your face off.

4. Baked goods? Yes, please

Here's an idea to gently get kids (and parents) in the learning mood while still keeping the focus where it belongs: on cookies. Tune in together to our science-meets-cooking series, The Big Baking Experiment . And if it's still too hot to turn on the oven, may we recommend this 5-ingredient DIY fro-yo ? You're welcome.

5. Shake up the art supplies

Make no mistake, we love crayons. But why not rock your kids' world with incredibly easy DIY watercolor paints instead ? You've probably got the supplies you need in your pantry already.

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Hang Onto Summer! 5 Ways to Squeeze in the Family Fun While You Can