Hey, Beginners! You CAN Knit a Stunning Sweater Even If You've Only Made Scarves Before

Imagine knitting only scarves for the rest of your life. Actually, don't. Scarves are great, but you didn't learn how to knit so you could turn into a scarf factory. You were destined for bigger things too— like sweaters.

Sure, knitting your first sweater can be super intimidating, but it's also lots of fun. Keep these tips in mind before you start knitting that sweater, and get ready for your most rewarding project ever.

1. Know the basics

You don't need a PhD in knitting (if only!). If you can knit and purl, you can make your own sweater. Spend some time on the basic skills , and build your confidence. You've got this.

2. Choose your size wisely

If you've never made a sweater before, it's possible you've never taken your measurements. You wouldn't want to waste hours of your time knitting a sweater that doesn't fit, right? Measure yourself for knits, so you can make a flattering sweater you'll be excited to wear all season.

3. Swatch

Swatching is another key step to getting your first sweater to fit. It's a common newbie mistake to skip the swatching completely so the knitting goes faster, but don't fall for that: You might end up with a sweater that's either way too large or way too small. Take those few extra minutes to swatch. Trust us, you won't regret it.

4. Take it slow

A sweater comes together one piece at a time. Don't try to rush the process by skipping around in the pattern. Rushing can result in dropped stitches and other mistakes, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

5. Know your seams

If your only knitting experience is with scarves and other simple items (no shame!), this might be the first time you've ever seamed knitted pieces together. Seaming is one of the most important steps when you're knitting a sweater. Check your pattern to see if there are specific instructions for the type of seams you'll need to sew for each piece. Then practice them before you "go live."

6. Get plenty of support

Surround yourself with positive vibes when you're knitting your first sweater. You can join a local knitting group or plan time to knit with friends. More experienced knitters will be glad to help you when you're stuck. Social knitting can be especially helpful when you're a beginner, but beware of getting overly distracted. Chatting away while you're knitting can lead to some crazy stitches!

7. Relax!

Too many knitters freak out over perfection — don't fall into that trap. Do your best, enjoy yourself, and next thing you know you'll be introducing a beautiful, cozy, custom-made newcomer to your winter wardrobe.

December 06, 2018
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Hey, Beginners! You CAN Knit a Stunning Sweater Even If You've Only Made Scarves Before