Host the Best Holiday Brunch With These 7 Delicious Recipes


Whether we're talking Christmas, Mother's Day or any ol' Sunday, we're always here for an extra-special morning meal. Try your hand at a new recipe (or five), then go on and show off that #BrunchGoals spread!

1. Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sammies

Buttermilk biscuits reach a whole new level of awesome when you stuff ‘em with, basically, an entire breakfast. Let your guests in on the action, too: set out ham, bacon, eggs and cheese, then let them craft their version of the perfect breakfast sammie.

2. French Toast Casserole

This treat has the sweet flavors you love in a traditional French toast, served in a plentiful (and easily shareable) dish. Bonus: you can easily bake this the night before, saving you precious prep time in the morning!

3. Mushroom, Spinach & Gruyère Tarts

Another make-ahead meal, this cheesy, veggie-filled tart not only tastes amazing, but will make your brunch totally #InstaWorthy.

4. Classic Coffee Cake

What’s a brunch without coffee cake? Grab a ring pan, mix up some streusel and master the glaze topping for this beloved classic.

5. No-Hassle Belgian Waffles

Talk about a one and done dish: you only need one bowl to make this tasty meal! Just whisk your ingredients together and fire up the waffle iron — you’ll be chowing down in minutes.

We are 100% here for Belgian waffles. Who could resist that crisp exterior, tender inside and deep pockets for catching maximum syrup? But sadly, these wonders of brunch seem to get a bad wrap for being hard to make. We say, no more! You're one bowl away from waffle stardom.

6. So-Healthy Smoothie Bowls

If your guests aren't the indulgent types, try some B-E-A-utiful smoothie bowls. Make ‘em vegan or gluten-free — however you want, really — these babies are that versatile.

Healthy, delicious and soooo easy to make... you don't need us to tell you smoothies are awesome. But lately it's the smoothie bowl that really has our hearts. Maybe it's because they seem a little more grownup than the straw-slurping standby, or maybe it's because they make us feel like we're eating ice cream sundaes for breakfast. Either way, it's a win.

7. Flavor-Bomb Mocktails

There’s a chance you'll want to go easy on the sips first thing in the morning, which is exactly where these mocktails come in. Choose between peach and pineapple, or make a batch of both for an extra festive holiday.

Everything's better at brunch, right?! And while mimosas are the meal's classic go-to, there are times when champagne is a no-go. (Especially when you're with friends who don't drink, mamas-to-be, kids, etc. ... you get it!)

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