12 Yeast Bread Recipes to Liven Up Your Bread Basket

If you love bread as much as we do, you could eat it with (OK, for) every meal. But even the most die-hard bread lovers can get bored of the same old recipe. Instead, put your baking skills to the test with these recipes that'll add a little excitement back to your bread basket.

1. Challah

Some might scream for ice cream, but you'll holla for challah! This bread is sweet and practically melts in your mouth. Shape it into a traditional braid, make it into pull-apart rolls or even create a wreath fit for a centerpiece.

2. Breakfast Butterflies

Real talk: this breakfast bread isn't as popular as it should be. It's made from a sweet dough, filled with jelly (or any other filling you're craving) and rolled into a delicious way to start your day.

3. Pain de Mie

Though this tart is traditionally made for afternoon tea, you can of course enjoy it anywhere, anytime. The fine-crumb bread is prime for holding toppings, so slather on your favorites and dig in.

4. Panettone

This bread has been a traditional holiday gift in Italy for centuries, and it's easy to see why. The simple dough is filled with raisins for a big, colorful bread that closely resembles a fruitcake ... only people will actually eat it.

5. Ciabatta

Ciabatta is a rustic bread that can be shaped and served in many different ways, so it's a great classic recipe to have up your sleeve. Make it in place of dinner rolls for any meal — the crackly outer crust and soft inside is a seriously addictive combo.

6. Focaccia

Flavorful focaccia is an Italian favorite, whether topped with olive oil and herbs or stuffed with cheese. Make it with a potato-based dough and you'll really blow your guests' minds.

7. Croissants

Oh la la, croissants are the pastry everyone loves. Brush the flaky bread with butter or stuff it with chocolate (or even pumpkin filling ). Regardless, this bread truly is the perfect treat to enjoy any time of day.

8. Naan

Naan is made from yeast, all-purpose flour, salt ... and yogurt. This additive is commonly seen in Indian cuisine and adds flavor and tenderness to make this bread oh-so-delicious.

9. Wheat Rolls

Say hello to dinner rolls done right! Just one batch of this simple recipe yields 16 large rolls, so you can prep ahead and serve them for dinner all week long.

A dinner roll done right is a thing of beauty, especially for a special-occasion meal when you're busting out the pretty dishes. And don't get us started on the aroma that fills your house when fresh bread's in the oven. They should bottle that stuff.

10. Pretzels

No offense to Auntie Anne, but these DIY soft pretzels are the ultimate way to snack. They're poached before baked, so you get a crispy, brown exterior and a delightfully soft interior. You can serve 'em with nacho cheese, cinnamon, spicy mustard — any way you like!

The best thing about making your own pretzels isn't the simplicity (though they are pretty dang easy), but how you can customize 'em to squash your specific cravings. Jonesing for something savory? Sprinkle with salt, dip in spicy mustard and serve with pickles. Sweet tooth screaming? Opt for cinnamon and sugar. Wanting a more unique lunch? Use pretzels to sandwich lunch meat for the ultimate midday meal.

11. Garlic Knots

The recipe is similar to pizza crust, and these rolls are brushed with a garlic and butter mixture twice to make 'em extra flavorful. Plus, their pretty shapes (that are surprisingly easy to twist) look extra gorgeous in any bread basket.

Garlic bread is delicious no matter how you shape it, but there's something about these cute little knots that makes it taste even better. Made with a dough similar to pizza crust, these dinner rolls are brushed with a butter and garlic mixture (not once, but twice) for a huge burst of flavor. And don't let their complex shape intimidate you — they're super easy to bake, so you can serve 'em with all your weeknight meals.

12. Peasant Bread

Bread that you can bake in under two hours — need we say more? This simple recipe should be every first-time bread baker's go-to.

Peasant bread is a no-knead yeast creation that should be every novice bread baker's first project. This recipe is made in one bowl, uses just five ingredients and requires no special equipment. The best part: you can make it from start to finish in two hours. So the only question is, why haven't you baked it already?

November 25, 2019
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12 Yeast Bread Recipes to Liven Up Your Bread Basket