How Do You Spell Delicious? It's the Letter Cake Trend

Alphabet cakes have taken over the cake world, and they’re amazing with a capital A.

The rub is that these treats aren't usually made with any cake at all. Most often, they’re cream tarts, constructed with layers of cookies or flaky pastries and filled with dollops of buttercream. But of course, it’s what’s on top that makes these cakes so show-stopping. Here's a primer on how to take these trendy treats to the next level.

Flower power

Flowers add color and sophistication to a cake destined for an outdoor garden party or shower. An added bonus? Blooms take up a lot of real estate on the cake's surface, which means you can spend less time figuring out how to decorate the rest of it. Be sure to use edible flowers like roses, daisies and pansies and wrap the stems with floral tape or food-safe wax to avoid contamination.

Eye candy

As if cookies and buttercream weren’t enough, try topping an alphabet cake with mini chocolate bars, candy and marshmallows. No sweet tooth can resist!

Let them eat cake

While cookies look delicate and crisp in these alphabet treats, cake is a great option, too. Bake thin layers in a sheet pan, freeze them and then use a sharp knife to cut out letters with the help of a stencil.

You've got my number

Switch up the paradigm and convert letters to numbers -- great for milestone birthdays.

When trends collide

The unicorn cake isn’t going away — so why not combine two major cake trends in one? Think beyond unicorn cakes and borrow inspiration from other statement-makers like geodes and brushstrokes.

July 07, 2018
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How Do You Spell Delicious? It's the Letter Cake Trend