Add Drama to Your Next Project With the Spike Stitch


The spike stitch gives you a lot of bang for your buck: It looks complicated and advanced, but is actually simple. Gotta love that! A spike happens when you form a single crochet same stitch, but work it two, three, or four rows below. Different lengths of the stitch can then be combined in a variety of ways to make fun, geometric designs.

Spike Stitch

Level: Easy


  • sc: single crochet
  • ch: chain
  • C1: color 1
  • C2: color 2
  • SP-2: spike stitch 2 rows below
  • SP-3: spike stitch 3 rows below
  • SP-4: spike stitch 4 rows below


1.With C1, chain 12. Work 4 rows even of sc.

2. Join C2, ch1, then turn to begin new row.

3. Insert your hook into the next space in the second row below the hook.

4. Pull up a loop, pulling the yarn up enough so that it's even with the other loop on your hook.

5. Yarn over and pull through both loops (just like a regular single crochet), completing the SP-2.

6. Make a SP-3 stitch into the next space, working into the third row below.

5. SP-4, following the same steps but working into the fourth row down.

Continue (SP-2, SP-3, SP-4) to the end of the row.

Work 4 more rows of sc before joining C1 and working another spike stitch row.

And you're done! This stitch is a bold way to add color to any project.

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Add Drama to Your Next Project With the Spike Stitch