How to Crochet the Very Versatile V-Stitch


Whether you're looking to create an interesting texture or eye-catching color patterning, the crochet V stitch might be just what you have in mind. It's a simple stitch to learn and it can be a very effective design element. The repeating V's create an openwork pattern with graphic appeal. Worked all in the same color, crochet V-stitch has lovely texture, and changing colors from row to row creates a powerful design.

How to crochet the V-stitch

There are different ways to crochet this stitch — today, I'll show you the most popular version. The most common version of crochet V-stitch (also called rope stitch) is a double crochet V-stitch made by crocheting DC, ch 1, DC into the same stitch, repeating across each row. Each row begins and ends with one DC stitch to create an even edge for the pattern.

Step 1: Crochet your starting chain

Crochet a chain that is a multiple of 3 + 1. This example uses a chain of 16 (or 15 + 1).

Step 2: Make your first V-stitch

Work into the fifth chain from the hook. (This creates one double crochet at the beginning of the row and a space before your V-stitch.) DC, ch 1, DC all into the same stitch. This is your first V-stitch.

Step 3: Continue down the row

Skip two stitches, then work a V-stitch into the following chain. (The V-stitch, again and throughout, is worked as DC, ch 1, DC all in the same stitch.)

Repeat previous step all the way across the row. At the end, you should be left with 2 ch at the end of the row. Skip one chain. Double crochet in the final chain.

Step 4: Continue working the next row

Turn. Chain 3 (this counts as the double crochet at the beginning of the new row).

Skip the first stitch. Working into the ch-1 space of the V from the previous row, crochet a V-stitch (DC, ch 1, DC). Crochet one V-stitch in each ch-1 space across row.

Double crochet in the top of the turning chain to complete row.

Step 8: Continue the V-stitch pattern

Repeat the steps above to continue building your V-stitch swatch

Now you know how to crochet the most common form of V-stitch crochet. There are many  variations on crochet V-stitch  that you can try to find the right option for your project. Below you'll find patterns for practicing this easy, beautiful stitch.

5 V-stitch crochet patterns for practice

1. V-Stitch Blanket

This crochet blanket offers the perfect example of how to crochet V-stitch with color row changes. With step-by-step photos, it's a perfect crochet pattern for a beginner who wants to perfect this stitch. Note that this free pattern uses UK crochet terms .

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2. Simply V-Stitch Poncho Set

The V-stitch can be used to create all different types of accessories. This crochet pattern includes instructions for this beautiful, colorful fringed poncho as well as matching crochet mitts and a hat. Working with this pattern also gives you the opportunity to practice increases in the V-stitch.

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3. V-stitch Hats for All

Learn how to crochet v-stitch in the round with this crochet hat pattern. It works up quickly using a bulky yarn and a large size N crochet hook, making it a great last-minute gift project and showcasing how the stitch looks in a thicker yarn. This pattern comes in three sizes to suit different members of the family. 

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4. Ruffled V-Stitch Blanket

The V-stitch is beautiful on its own, but it can also be combined with other basic crochet stitches for more complex designs. This crochet blanket highlights v-stitches in between rows of other stitches, framing it all inside of a ruffled crochet border. This blanket is adjustable to different sizes.

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5. V-Stitch and Bobble Scarf

This crochet scarf pattern has a wide swatch of V-stitches making up the center of the scarf. The rest of the scarf alternates the V-stitch with highly textured bobble stitches . This design packs a punch!

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