Just Bead It: How to Crochet with Beads

Ready to move from plain old crochet to a sparkly masterpiece? Learning how to crochet with beads can open up a whole new world! Discovering how to crochet with beads doesn't require any special tricks. If you've mastered the single crochet and have some pretty beads on hand, then you're ready. We've got the down-low on how to crochet with beads, including choosing your supplies plus some amazing patterns for inspiration.

Photo via Bluprint member  Nezjewelry

Threading your beads

The first step for nearly every bead crochet project is to thread your beads. If you're using a pattern, check it for instructions on supplies you'll need. Winging it on your own? Here's how to thread your beads, including choosing supplies:

Choosing a needle

There are many sizes of beading needles to choose from. What type of beads are you using for your project? This will determine what size needle you need. You'll obviously need to make sure the bead will fit over the needle. For extra small beads like seed beads, I love Beadalon collapsible eye needles . These needles are flexible so that you can pull a small bead right over the eye of the needle, and the eye will spring right back into place once the bead passes.

If you prefer the bead crochet techniques with needles that are more similar to sewing needles, Beadalon also has hard beading needles  that work well for beads with larger holes.

Beaded Wrist Cuff pattern via Bluprint member  sweetmellyjane

If your bead is large enough, sometimes you don't even need a needle! Check out the chunky beaded wrist cuff pictured above -- proof that any size bead can make a statement. See how large the bead holes are? The yarn just slips right through them! If this might be the case with your bead crochet project, see if you can easily string the bead without using a needle before you go through the hassle of threading.

Choosing beads

Beads come in many different shapes and sizes. To take on the overwhelming task of choosing beads, first take a look at your yarn. Are you using a bulky yarn? Or is your yarn thin? Maybe you're using crochet thread. You'll need to first make sure that your beads and yarn pair well together. Keep in mind that a heavier bead may not work with a thin yarn, and a smaller bead may not work with a bulky yarn.

And most importantly, make sure it's possible to thread the bead onto the yarn or thread before you get started. I'm totally guilty of planning a project only to find out that I can't squeeze my thick yarn through such a small bead!

Lisa's Shawl FREE pattern via Bluprint member  The Blue Brick

Also think about what style your bead crochet project will have. Are you going for a delicate look? If so, seed beads paired with a fingering-weight yarn might be a good idea. Check out the close up shot of Bluprint designer  The Blue Brick 's bead crochet techniques for Lisa's Shawl above. This shawl uses a fingering-weight yarn paired with small beads to give it an elegant look that you wouldn't get from larger, bulkier beads. And while you're at it, go and download the pattern for Lisa's Shawl -- it's FREE!


Threading is the first step before you even chain the foundation row. If you're using a pattern, it will tell you how many beads to thread before you get started. However, take caution: it's always smart to thread several extra beads in case the other beads break off unexpectedly.

Once you've threaded your beads, you'll then slip them one at a time close to your hook and attach them as you crochet. A pattern will give you very specific instructions for placing the beads; however, if you're designing on your own, you might want to think about planning ahead so that your beads are spaced evenly. Graph paper is a nice option for crocheters who need to visualize the placement.

Bead crochet patterns

Now that you've thought about your beads and needles, what will you make? Get inspiration from some of these Bluprint bead crochet patterns:

Beaded Crochet Flower Dangle Earrings pattern via Bluprint member  Nezjewelry

Beaded earrings

These  beaded crochet flower dangle earrings  work up quickly and make great gifts for all the gals in your life.

Summer Beaded Clutch pattern via Bluprint member  Chain Two

Beaded clutch

This  summer beaded clutch  uses a beaded single crochet stitch to add these fun beads to a simple clutch. The beaded single crochet stitch simply combines a regular single crochet with a bead so that you attach the beads as you go, rather than sewing them on separately after you're finished.

Simple Beaded Crochet Bracelets pattern via Bluprint member spendlet

Beaded bracelets

The simple beaded crochet bracelets pictured above are made using slip stitches and just three rows of crochet. You'd never guess this was crochet by just looking at it, would you?

Have you ever tried to crochet with beads? What kind of beads did you use?

May 22, 2014
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Just Bead It: How to Crochet with Beads