How to Make a Bow Ring for Next to Nothing

From dangling earrings to pendants and rings, wire jewelry adds a little boho style to any outfit. But it's even more fun to wear — not to mention a lot more affordable — when you make it yourself! Simply grab some wire and a few tools , and prepare to get wrapped up in this adorable bow ring that adds *just* the right touch of daintiness.

DIY Bow Ring

What You Need

  • 20g craft wire
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Flat-nosed pliers
  • Flush-cutters
  • Cylindrical object, like a lip balm


1. Cut Your Wire

 Cut a 4" piece of 20 g wire. Take a moment to smooth it out.

2. Wrap the Wire

Find a cylindrical object that's about the size of your finger, like a lip balm. (If you really get into ring-making and want to be more precise with sizing, you can use a ring mandrel.)

Wrap the center of the wire firmly around the lip balm, overlapping the tails in the center. The tail going from left to right should lie above the other tail.

3. Create the Bow Loop

With the fat part of your round-nosed pliers, make a loop out of the wire tail to the right-hand side (like the loop of a bow), folding it back on itself and down.

Repeat with the left-hand wire tail, with the loop also going up and over, then the tail pointing downward.

4. Tuck the Tail

Bring the tail underneath and through the main ring.

5. Knot the Bow

Bring this wire down and over the two bow loops, "knotting" them together. Don't worry about the bow being too perfect — that's half the joy of handmade, after all!

6. Trim the Tails

Trim the tails to a neat, short length. (Remember, if they're too long, the tails can catch when this ring is worn.)

7. Reshape Your Angles

If you're happy with the way your ring looks, you're done after step 6. But if you want to do a little reshaping, grab your pliers and use them to adjust the angle of the loops and tails just the way you want them. You can also maneuver the ring band so it's nice and round.

Once you get the hang of it, these are so quick and fun to make! You can even try it with wires of different finishes and colors to introduce lots of variety to your collection.

August 13, 2018
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How to Make a Bow Ring for Next to Nothing