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          How to Make a Quick, Super Cute Display for Cake Pops (or Any Treat on a Stick!)


          Once you've gone to the trouble to create adorable cake pops , you can't just stick them on a plate and call it a day. You need something that's going to prop them up straight and prevent the dreaded cake-pop flop.

          I'm going to share a method that can turn any container into a cake-pop display. It relies on two things: floral foam and filler.

          Floral foam is specially made to support stems in a flower arrangement — and it also happens to be perfect for propping up cake pops. Be sure to buy dry floral foam (made for use with silk flowers) and not wet floral foam (also known by the brand name Oasis). You can find it at most craft supply stores.

          You probably have a container you can use for this project sitting around your house right now. Consider...

          • Flower pot
          • Vase
          • Wooden planter
          • Galvanized bucket
          • Hat box
          • Tall-sided picture frames 

          Plus, you'll need something fun and colorful to use as filler in your display. This might be sprinkles or candy, or non-edible decorations like confetti, crinkle paper, or beads. Go ahead and get crazy with it!

          How to build your own cake pop display


          • Cake pops
          • Dry floral foam
          • Container
          • Serrated knife
          • Poster putty or double-sided tape
          • Filler

          1. Trim your foam

          Cut the floral foam so it fits tightly inside the container. Push it down to leave enough room at the top for the filler. Secure the foam to the sides of the container with poster putty or double-sided tape if needed. 

          2. Add the filler

          Use enough to completely cover the floral foam, layering it so no foam shows even as sticks are removed. 

          3. Push in the pops

          Create your arrangement by inserting cake pops into the floral foam. Always push them in by the stick so you don't risk smooshing your pops!

          And there you have it — perfectly displayed cake pops, ready to go!

          Images via Erin Bakes.

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          How to Make a Quick, Super Cute Display for Cake Pops (or Any Treat on a Stick!)