These Halloween Cake Pops Will Guarantee You Have a Haunted Holiday

Got leftover dough from making a Halloween cake ? Instead of throwing it out, mash it up and turn it into scarily good cake pops. These bites are easy and fun to make, so start mashing up those sheet cakes and break out the buttercream — it's time to get poppin'.

1. Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Pops

Make a little pumpkin patch! Just remember the faces are made from itty bitty pieces of licorice, so tiny cutting skills are involved — unless you want to leave 'em sans-face as freshly-picked pumpkin pops instead.

These pumpkin cake bites use the same techniques as cake pops, plus a cute curly stem. They take a few steps to make, but the good part is you don't have to aim for perfection. Just think about how lumpy and bumpy real pumpkins are — the pressure is officially off!

2. Creepy Crawlies

Confession: we had no idea spiders could be this cute. Simply dip your chilled cake balls into melted black candy melts , add candy eyes and licorice legs, then pipe a simple web from melted white candy melts. Eeek — so adorable!

Eeeeek! You're about to get caught up in a web ... of Halloween adorableness. These creepy, crawly cake pops will put a little spook in your holiday strut. It take a few steps to make 'em, but it's not hard. Best of all, this recipe is totally forgiving. Even if your spider details aren't exactly perfect, the finished effect is totally cute enough to eat. We promise.

3. Hungry Like the (Were)wolf

The key to making this werewolf cake pop: texture, texture, texture! You'll use a toothpick to poke and pull the melted candy coating, creating the just-right amount of mangy fur. Trust us, the details alone will have you howling with joy.

Devour at your own risk! These werewolf cake pops are as delicious as they are scary, and will have your guests howling for more. Best part: they're crazy easy to make!

4. MMM-Mummy

These cake pops are sure to make your mummy proud. Choose between melted white chocolate or candy melts, then make the wrappings with the tiniest piping tip.

This Halloween treat is sure to make your mummy proud! These fun little guys are easy to whip up and a guaranteed hit for this year's party.

5. Cake Pop Poltergeist

Shape, dip and done! Making ghost cake pops is scary easy, so you can whip up a whole gaggle of ghosts in no time. Pro tip: chill your spheres before you mold the ghosts — it'll make them easier to work with and they'll hold their shape much better.

This spooky season, celebrate with a classic Halloween staple: ghosts! The best ones are obviously made of cake (hello, you can actually eat them), and they're incredibly easy to make — even if you've never tried forming different shapes. Get ready to have a scary good time!

6. The Haunting of Cake Pop House

A skull and bones? Check. A bat? We see it. That big creepy moon? Done and done. This cake pop has all the typical haunted house happenings , minus the ghosts (unless you pair 'em with the cake pops above). It's so easy to make, and party guests are sure to be impressed with the details.

Here's a spooky fact: these cake pops have been known to mysteriously vanish into thin air — or into your guests' mouths! Play it safe and make a big batch for this year's Halloween festivities.

October 10, 2019
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These Halloween Cake Pops Will Guarantee You Have a Haunted Holiday