I Spy the Cutest Amigurumi Eyes


Sure, the yarn you use for your amigurumi is important, and so are the colors. But to really give your cuddly new buddy personality, choose the right eyes. These can take your toy from sad to mad, from happy to sleepy.

Just peep the amigurumi options below!

1. Buttons

Now is your chance to go through that button stash you've been hoarding for years. Use matching or mismatching buttons or even different shapes — flowers, squares, ovals — that suit your toy's personality. Just note: Buttons can be dangerous for babies, who might pull them off and put them in their mouths.

2. Knit or Crochet Circles

Soft materials, such as yarn stitched in the round, also make great (baby-safe!) eyes. You can even layer circles with different colors.

If flat circles aren't right for your toy, create small, gathered circles using a similar technique.

3. Embroidery

Embroidery is one of the fastest ways to add eyes to your amigurumi — all you need is a bit of embroidery floss (or a lightweight yarn). Here are two of the many embroidery stitches you can use :

French knots

These only require a small scrap of yarn, and you can change the size of the knot depending on how many times you wrap it around the yarn needle.

Back stitch

Sometimes all you need is a solid line that can make your animal appear to be squinting, sleeping or just really happy.

4. Fabric or Felt

Felt is fabulous if you're going for a more realistic look. Just be sure that you use a template when you cut out the eyes so they're both the same size. Or not, if you're going for a crazy, monster look.

5. Safety Eyes

First, a warning: Despite their name, safety eyes are dangerous for small children. Babies can easily pull them off — even if you've secured them properly — and put them in their mouths.

Safety eyes are made out of plastic and usually easy to attach. They can be a great choice for toys that are going to older kids or are destined for display, not play.

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I Spy the Cutest Amigurumi Eyes