Twist & Shout: 5 Colorful Intarsia Designs to Try


Knitting intarsia designs is a fun way to add color into your knitting . It's another method of colorwork knitting, although in this case the yarn is not (generally*) carried around the piece. Intarsia is knit flat using a separate ball of yarn for each color you use. With this method, more than one color can be worked in a row. It's often suggested that a knitter winds their contrasting colors onto bobbin. This makes it less likely that your many colors of yarn will tangle, and also make it easier to untangle when they do.

*Note: It should be noted that there is a method of intarsia in the round. Most patterns that include this method will go into further detail to explain how to do it.

Knit Intarsia Pillow: Bluprint Class Project

Photo via the Bluprint class Intarsia: Basics & Beyond

What makes intarsia knitting even more fun is that it can be added in as small or as large of an area on your knitted piece as you want. Since the piece is knit flat, you can do an intarsia design in just a small section and the rest in the main color, or fill the whole front with beautiful intarsia designs.

When incorporating intarsia knitting motifs, it is important to twist the main color and contrasting color each time you switch yarns. This essentially locks the intarsia piece into the main knitted piece. This takes a little while to get the hang of (or in my case, remember to do), but once you get going you will find that it becomes more natural.

Ready to give this fun technique a try? Here are a few of our favorite intarsia designs:

Little Girl Wearing a Intarsia Knit Hat Photo via Bluprint member MegRoke

Tweet-Tweet knit hat

This has to be the cutest and best pattern for someone new to knitting and intarsia. Hats are always a great first project because they don't take too much time and, knit in worsted weight yarn , this too will work up quickly. A small intarsia bird design will get you to practice using two contrasting colors. Even better, this hat pattern comes in five sizes to fit 16" to 20" heads!

Get the Tweet-Tweet Pattern.

Intarsia Knit Snowflake Mittens - pattern available on

Photo via Bluprint member MariKnits

Two Hands Make a Snowflake mittens

Another small and fast project are these beautiful mittens. The small snowflake design can either be knit using intarsia, or even done in duplicate stitch after the mittens are complete. I generally don't knit a lot of accessories but I'm really taken with the simplicity of this design.

Get the Two Hands Make a Snowflake Pattern.

Sheep Sweater and Hat Pattern - Photo via Bluprint member iknitdesigns

Sheep sweater and hat

What knitter doesn't love sheep? This is a great project for knitters with little ones to knit for. This sweater is sized from 2 to 10 years and includes instructions for the matching hat. Knit in worsted weight yarn, this design only calls for two contrasting colors for the sheep, making this a good project for those new to intarsia.

Get the Sheep Sweater and Hat Pattern.

Pattern on Bluprint: Red Intarsia Knit Sweater Photo via Bluprint member al-fa

Papaver tunic

This beautiful tunic-length pullover has a large flower motif on the yoke and pockets that are knit using intarsia. There will be some stranded knitting , which does differ from the traditional intarsia technique, but instructions are provided in the pattern. This piece will have you creating a beautiful pullover that you can wear with pride but may be a project for a more adventurous or experienced knitter.

Get the Papaver Tunic Pattern.

Knit Cat Scarves - Pattern on Bluprint Photo via Bluprint member dyanita

Telon & Mio cat scarves

Now this is a scarf for an adventurous knitter! This fun project uses intarsia in either two or three colors to knit a cat scarf. The pattern includes instructions for the two or three color patterns, with the option of using your own colors or even creating your own colorwork chart for a cat. Perhaps knit a replica of your furry friend?

Get Telon & Mio the Cats Scarves Pattern.

[box type="shadow"]Learn all about knitting intarsia colorwork and bring your favorite images to life on garments and accessories with the Bluprint class Intarsia: Basics & Beyond , taught by beloved knitting instructor Sally Melville .

In this class, you'll get all the intarsia instruction you need, but won't find in patterns. You'll learn to create basic intarsia color crosses, secure floats, weave in ends, and will even learn how to create your own intarsia designs![/box]

If you've knit intarsia before, what have you found to be the most challenging thing to deal with and how did you make it work?

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Twist & Shout: 5 Colorful Intarsia Designs to Try