5 Colorful Intarsia Knitting Patterns


When you're itching to make your knitting patterns more interesting, there's nothing like intarsia knitting patterns. Intarsia is the easiest of color knitting, made up of large chunks of color that don't require too much finagling with the yarn. Intarsia knitting patterns let you knit patterns like houndstooth and argyle, and they also help you add pictures to your knitting. Want to add a heart or star to a solid-colored knitted fabric? Intarsia can help! Want to use black and white yarn to knit a penguin? Intarsia to the rescue!

Start planning your favorite color palettes and let these intarsia knitting patterns inspire you to bring more color into your knitting.

Marelle knit shawl

Photo via Bluprint member  Mairlynd

Marelle shawl

I love the color palette for this shawl! There are two color techniques involved in this pattern, so you'll have practice with both intarsia and stranded knitting . My mind is buzzing thinking of color combinations I could knit this one in.

Get the Marelle pattern.

Knit stag's head intarsia pillow

Photo via Bluprint member  kraftling

Stag's head pillow

This pillow cover slips right over a pillow form or your favorite pillow, making it washable and interchangeable with other knitted pillow covers. Put those intarsia skills to work to make the stag head and bring a woodsy cabin feel to almost any room.

Get the Stag's Head Pillow pattern.

Cherub knit baby sweater

Photo via Bluprint member  Justine Turner

Cherub baby sweater

You already know your little one is an angel. Prove it to the world when you use intarsia to knit these cherub wings onto the back of baby's sweater. This is a great beginner intarsia sweater because the colorwork just requires two simple blocks of color.

Get the Cherub pattern.

Knit penguin hat

Photo via Bluprint member  TheWittyKnitter

Penguin hat

Intarsia comes in handy for making cute little animals, and this penguin is proof. You'll get some practice with duplicate stitch here, too. The pompoms on the hat are optional, but aren't they adorable?

Get the Penguin Hat pattern.

Knitted robot phone cozy

Photo via Bluprint member  browneyedbabs

Robot phone cozy

If it's your first time trying intarsia, start small. This robot phone cozy is a great place to start. The pattern comes with a tutorial to help you with intarsia in the round, so if this is your first intarsia project, it's a guaranteed success!

Get the Robot Phone Cozy pattern.

[box type="shadow"]If you're an intarsia beginner tackling all these projects, you're going to need some extra intarsia help. Don't forget to check out our  intarsia knitting tips , plus our class  Intarsia: Basics & Beyond  with Sally Melville.[/box]

Have you tried intarsia knitting before? What's your favorite design?

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