The Invisible Seaming Method for Granny Squares

Sewing together two pieces of crocheted fabric can seem a little bit daunting. But don't fret! This tutorial will show you a very easy method of joining using an invisible seam. You don't even have to be good at sewing to achieve this clean, professional finish!

Joining granny squares with an invisible seam

If you search around, you'll find a few different methods of producing invisible seams. While all of these methods will work, I'm going to show you my favorite: the mattress stitch. It's a lot like lacing up a pair of shoes and is easy to learn.

You'll need:

  • Two crocheted pieces of fabric you want to sew together
  • Yarn about the same weight or lighter than used in your fabric
  • A tapestry needle

For the tutorial, I used a contrasting color to give you a good visual of how the crocheted pieces are being joined and where the joining yarn is going. When you seam your own pieces, it's best to use a yarn color that will blend in.

Step 1:

Cut a piece of yarn that's about 3 time the length of the edge you'll be seaming. Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn that you will use to join.

Step 2:

Hold your pieces of fabric together with the wrong sides together.

Step 3:

Insert the tapestry needle into the first stitch of the piece closest to you, moving the needle from back side to front side.

Step 4:

Pull the yarn through. Leave a small tail, about 1" to 2".

Step 5:

Insert needle into the first stitch of the crochet piece farthest from you, from the back of the work to the front of the work.

Step 6:

Pull yarn through, leaving a bit of slack between the two pieces of fabric.

Step 7:

Moving from right to left, insert the needle into next stitch in the crochet piece closest, again from the back of the work to the front of the work. Pull yarn through, leaving some slack.

Step 8:

Insert needle into the next stitch on the crochet piece farthest, from the back of the work to the front of the work, leaving some slack. Starting to see a pattern?

Step 9:

Continue to alternate inserting the needle from back to front on the crochet piece closest to you and then on the crochet piece farthest from you.

Step 10:

Once you have a few stitches sewn together, grab both tail ends of the yarn and pull tight. This will create the invisible seam.

Continue to sew the pieces together using the method above and pulling the yarn tails tight to create the invisible seam. You'll see that the teal colored yarn I used to join these squares is barely visible in the finished project. 

After you've completed all the sewing, secure both ends by knotting and weaving in ends.

Tips for a perfect invisible seam

  • Measure the length of the area you plan on sewing, and cut about three times the amount of yarn. This ensures you have enough yarn to join and weave in ends.

  • When working with different colored motifs or pieces of fabric, don't stress about color — after all, it's called an invisible seam for a reason! Use a yarn color that matches either of the pieces.

  • As you go, pull the yarn tails tight after every few stitches. If you wait until the end, the yarn may be more difficult to pull tight to create that nice invisible seam.
  • On some motifs, there may be a tricky section where you fastened off. It usually looks like there are two stitches, but there's only one true stitch is joining. Count the stitches to ensure you don't end up with uneven joins.

When to use invisible seaming


Depending on how a garment is constructed, there may be a place to seam for the shoulder and/or sides. This seaming method works very well with garments to create seamless shoulders and sides.


Some hats are made by crocheting a rectangle before seaming together the sides to create a hat. Having an invisible seam will leave you wondering where the seam of the hat really is!

Granny squares and motifs

If made in various colors, granny squares and motifs may be difficult to join. Using the invisible seam method to sew them together will allow you to seam many colors without seeing the joining yarn color.

Now that you have a clear picture of how to join two pieces of crochet together in an easy and seamless manner, you can feel confident in tackling your next project that involves seaming any two pieces of crocheted fabric together! 

January 21, 2018
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The Invisible Seaming Method for Granny Squares